Stained glasses were usually used to make windows. These glasses are different from the conventional glass windows in a sense that one cannot see through these glasses.

Architectural Styles With Stained Glasses

The stained glasses were extensively used in churches especially during and after the medieval period. Stained glasses are in fact a form of painting. Stained glasses are used extensively in churches and mosques.

These glasses signify the importance of art and culture in history. Stained glasses have been prevalent since a very early period but it gained importance during the 15th century.

Colorful Stained Glasses of Churches

Stained glasses are given a colorful tint by baking the colorful substance on the surface of glass. It is found in a variety in the churches across Europe. Some of these paintings are simple and some are very complicated.

The unique feature of these stained glasses and the paintings found in the churches is that each Church has its own unique style and message. In other words, these stained glasses were not mass produced and are thus unique and very distinct in nature. Almost all the churches of the medieval period have stained glasses.  These stained glasses add beauty and a divine nature to the architecture of the churches.

Gothic Period Churches, Medieval Style

The churches during the Gothic period were divided by walls and had later on these stained glasses were introduces which added more light and space in the churches. The main reason stained glasses were used during the medieval period in churches is the significance of bible.

Most of the individuals in that era were uneducated and thus these stained glasses depicted scenes and powerful messages from the holy Bible.

The stained glasses and the paintings on these glasses were an innovative way of introducing not only an ambience of love and light but also profound and powerful messages. Stained glasses are used today for domestic purposes as well but largely it is famous for the exquisite paintings found in the Churches depicting various incidents from old and new testaments.

Art in the Stained Glasses, Holy Bible

Churches thus found a way to share important and profound messages from the Holy Bible through the depiction of these messages in the form of art in the stained glasses. Stained glasses are therefore not only adding beauty to the Churches but also have a deep meaning and significance to it.

During the medieval period art was used extensively to spread the message of God. It was not only an easy way to convey the message by using art but also very captivating and intriguing.

Messages and Inspiring Stories

Individuals all age were all alike attracted to these messages and inspiring stories. Stained glasses are a beautiful escape from the reality into the sacred heaven like world of spirits and angels to many. It adds to the eternal sacred feeling one experience’s when in these churches.

Many different colors are used to paint on the stained glasses.  Different windows in churches either have one story narrated in depth by the artist or in some cases there are individual messages depicted on these stained windows.

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