PVC window Budget

Budget suitable for summer cottages and stables; places where you want cheap, maintenance-free windows

Kronfönster Budget is suitable for those who want a window for a low price, do not care about any small wounds, but would have the security it offers to buy Sweden’s largest manufacturer of plastic windows, Kronfönster AB. The windows are made of PVC and are suitable for holiday cottages, countryside houses – simply places where you want cheap, energy efficient and maintenance-free windows.

Cheap PVC windows – 2nd sorting

The Kronfönster Budget has the same specifications and features as our plastic window Avans. But it has a lower finish and may have small scratches and scuffs. Also the glass may have small mistakes. But on the other hand, you get a modern energy saving window that you cannot buy any cheaper.

The Budget is popular as a stable window thanks to its low maintenance, and low price.

The Budget is perfect for buildings where you do not need to have a 100% finish – barns, stables, sheds, summer houses, whatever is applicable. The Budget may have small errors, but not all the windows have a low finish.
The Budget is only available in white, lacks micro ventilation and has no window sill track like Kronfönster’s other PVC windows. Are you happy with 95% finish and quality, then the Budget window for you.

Technical specifications for Kronfönster Budget

Stable window Budget in close-up
• Installed: Maintenance-free window made of PVC plastic with a steel reinforced centre chamber.
• Materials: PVC, steel
• Insulation chambers: 6
• Frame depth: 70 mm
• Hung: tilt & turn. Side hung and bottom hung
• Colour: White
• U-value of the entire construction : Triple glazed 0.6 = 0.9 for the entire construction (Measured with DIN EN 10077 for windows openable 1500*1500mm)
• U-value of the entire construction: Double glazed 1.0 = 1.2 for the entire construction (Measured with DIN EN 10077 for windows openable 1500*1500mm)
Technical specifications for Kronfönster Budget
• Type of window glass: Low-emission glass, super energy saving glass
• Cassette depth of the glass cassette: 24 mm (4/16/4), or 4/12/4/12/4 when triple glazed
• Filling glass cassette: Argon gas
• U-value for the glass: 1.0 or 0.7 (triple glazed)