Sliding door Monark

Sliding door Monarch, an exclusive wooden sliding door with Lift-and-Slide system, New, now with the U-value of 0.8

The sliding door with EXTRA OF EVERYTHING! Sliding doors Monark: wood, or wood with aluminium cladding and with an extremely low U-value of 0.8.

News: We have now upgraded the Monark sliding door to a U-value of 0.8 (glass 0.5) The first 100 customers get the new Monark for the old price. Take the opportunity to make a really good deal!

Sliding door Monark is an exclusive and sophisticated sliding door construction made of wood, or with an aluminium exterior. A sliding door system makes this door extremely manoeuvrable and stable. The stylish appearance makes this model timeless, and easily placed in most environments. The sliding door Monark, winter is insulated for year-round use, can be put directly into the building façade and is just as well insulated as our patio doors and windows.

Because the Monark has a clever design with the Lift-and-Slide system, with few moving parts that can break, you are guaranteed a long life of your sliding door. The door can be painted in any RAL shade, or alternatively painted with different shades on the outside and the inside. The standard colour is white, but all the choices are available for our sliding doors. You design yourself, according to your taste. Thanks to the solid construction with high torsional rigidity, the Monark can be manufactured with generous width – and height dimensions. With Kronfönster you are the designer, and you decide ALL by yourself how your new sliding doors will look. We manufacture them carefully, with millimetre precision according to your wishes. The Monark can be made up to 8 meter in width and 2,4 meter in height.

Safety with the sliding door Monark

Because of the fixed locking points in the frame, the door leaf anchors when the door is locked. This means that the door has very good insulation properties.
What is a lifting sliding door in Wood / Wood with aluminium?
A Lifting sliding door is a sliding door where the threshold is extremely low. One door section can slide, while the other stays fixed. The Monark is also available as a double door, with 2 sliding doors.
Which customers choose the sliding door Monark?
The customer who wants something extra. Something exclusive, that no one else has.

Sliding door Monark, lift-and-slide sliding door

Technical specifications for sliding door Monark
Material: Wood, or wood with an aluminium exterior (optional).
Frame depth: 153 mm.
Opening mechanics: Lift-and-slide system.
Ironwork: Built-in handle, with a locking cylinder, and a pulling handle on the outside.
Colour: White NCS S 0502Y, other colours optional for a surcharge.
 Model: Super-energy saving glass.
Glass: triple glazed, with a cassette depth up to 46 mm.
Standard with security glass: A hardened exterior and a laminated interior
Cassette filling: Argon gas
U-value glass 0.5
U-value of the entire construction: 0.8

Guarantees for sliding door Monark

• 10 year warranty on colour, for white.
• 5 year warranty when lacquered.
• 10 year guarantee against condensation between the panes of insulating glass.
• 10 year warranty on the doors ironwork, frame and sash.

Sliding doors Monarch, a lift-and-slide sliding wall with a sophisticated opening slide. Lift the sliding wall.

Sliding door Monark in wood or wood-aluminium. A lifting sliding door, a sliding wall of the highest quality.
The sliding door Monark has a low threshold, and an extra low threshold in aluminium (20 mm) is available as optional. The door can be built so it entirely sinks in the floor level.

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