Sliding door King

Sliding Door King, one of our best-insulated sliding door. Here in imitation wood. Standard colour is white.

One of our best-insulated sliding door, the Kronfönster King lifting sliding door
Sliding door Kronfönster King, one of our best-insulated sliding door. Here in brown; the default colour is white.
Sliding doors with one of our best insulation. With a unique 11 chamber system! A Kronfönster King sliding door is what we all dream of in our house. A maintenance free lifting-sliding door, with very good insulation (U-value of 0.5 when triple glazed) and an extremely sophisticated movability. A feeling of Quality up to the smallest detail.
Sliding door Kronfönster King is made of a reinforced composite. It is made of PVC, with a steel core inside. This material has very good thermal properties and you surely never need to paint them. Warm with very good insulation, and in addition maintenance free. A lifting sliding door with a very good insulation properties and for a good price. The Kronfönster King has EVERYTHING!

What is a lifting sliding door?

Many sliding doors you might have seen on pictures, or perhaps in a somewhat upscale hotel you visited, are the Kronfönster King. Now is your chance. Your own “lifting sliding door” for your house at a really great price, but with superior insulation! The Kronfönster King even has something extra, something that others do not have? It is one of our best insulated sliding door. With its unique 11 chamber system and triple glazing (U 0.5), the U-value is brought down to an absolute minimum of 0.9. (Swedish record). simply one of the better you can have in your house.

Sliding doors Kronfönster King, insulated sliding door for your house.

Kronfönster King is a lifting sliding door of PVC, with super-energy saving glass portions. Available as double glazed or triple glazed. It has an almost non-existent threshold, which you can lower down to floor level, which gives the King a luxurious feel. The King is a very popular option for patio doors. An exclusive slide opening, smoothly operated. You choose the hanging yourself, left or right, we make them with millimeter precision to fit exactly to your house. The King is standard in white, but you can choose all colors, and all types of glass. At Kronfönster you are the designer of your new sliding doors.

The Kronfönster King is UV resistant. This means that it is not bleached by sunlight.
• It does not shrink from drought, and does not swell when it is humid.
• It does not crack in cold weather and does not become porous from heat.
• It provides better insulation and saves energy.
• It shuts out noise very effectively.

What kinds of customers are choosing the sliding door King?

Kronfönster is one of the manufacturers of PVC sliding doors, and the King is our most exclusive model. Customers who choose King are the ones who want a really beautiful, sleek sliding door, with a smooth slide. It is equally popular for summer cottages as for villas. It is appreciated by architects, because we can customize it and produce it in an infinite number of variations, as well as by homeowners who want something that impresses their neighbors.

Technical specifications for the glazed sliding door King

Structure: PVC with the center chamber of steel.
Frame depth: 170 mm
Opening mechanics: Sliding door with Lift-and-Slide system
Ironwork: Lift-and-slide.
Colour: White as standard, Acrylic colours optional.
U-value of the entire structure of the sliding doors:  1.2 or 0.9 when triple glazed
The glass in sliding door King.
 Model: Super-energy saving glass.
Cassette Depth: 24 mm, or 36 mm when triple glazed
Construction: 4/16/4 mm, or 4/12/4/12 when triple glazed
Filling: Argon gas
U-value of the glass: 1,0 (double glazed) or 0,5 (triple glazed)
Detailed images of the sliding door King: Click on an image to enlarge.

Guarantees for sliding door King

• 30 year warranty against fading for white King sliding doors.
• 10 year warranty against fading for Acrylic colours.
• 5 year warranty against fading for lacquered sliding doors.
• 10 year guarantee against condensation between the panes of insulating glass.
• 20 year warranty on the windows’ ironwork, frame and sash.

Sliding door lift-and-slide kronfönster king

Sliding door King, superior insulation, an exclusive sliding door.
Image: The Kronfönster King, one of our best-insulated sliding door.
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