Sliding doors are installed in many houses today. These types of doors are mostly used for patios, closets, and in apartments where there is very less space. Sliding doors are installed and used for both domestic and commercial purposes.

How to Open a Locked Sliding Glass Door?

The sliding doors are very easy to use and add a spacious look to the house. There are many different varieties of sliding doors available in the market. Usually sliding doors are made up is aluminum or PVC frames and have glass panels, these types of doors are used for patios and also for open terrace gardens.

However, if the sliding doors are used for closets and to partition rooms than the sliding doors used are made up of wood, PVC or other materials.

How to Open a Jammed Sliding Glass Door?

In case the lock of the sliding doors gets jammed and is not opening or you want to know how sliding doors open than here are a few tips to open the lock of sliding doors.

  1. First and foremost, start with moving the latch of the lock up or down to open the door.
  2. Usually there is a latch attached to the frame which is accessible from inside of the house, if the door is jammed and not opening just unscrew the latch and open the door, another thing you can do is lift the door a little and move it to and forth this trick is useful when the doors are stuck and not sliding.
  3. Some sliding doors lock are installed at the top or at the bottom and in some cases for additional security both at the top and bottom, to open the sliding door in this case make sure all locks are opened before you attempt to slide open the door.
  4. There are also sliding doors with lock that requires a key to open and in case you have misplaced or lost the key than you’ll require professional help for opening the key.

The sliding doors for closets are not difficult to open because it is not used very often and therefore the chances of the lock getting jammed are less. In case you have small kids than the sliding doors lock should be installed at the top for security.

Open a Locked Sliding Glass Door Without Key

Sliding doors locks are easy to break open it is a great idea to install an alarm in case you see the need of it. The main difference between sliding doors and traditional doors is that traditional doors are stronger and have not easy to break whereas in case of a sliding door the security of the door solely depends upon the lock system.

It is always advisable to use high quality lock system which not so complicated that it becomes difficult for the family to step out in case of an emergency but at the same time serves the purpose also.

Thus when opening a sliding door look for a latch attached with the handle and raise or lower it to open the door, and in case the door lock is stuck try to gently lift the door from the frame and check for any accumulated dirt which may be hindering the door from slide opening smoothly.

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