Patio is usually outdoor area of house which is used for recreational purposes. Usually the types of door that connects the outdoor with are sliding glass doors.

Blinds for Patio Doors

Patio doors are floor to length doors with sliding glass doors and therefore it requires blinds. The blinds usually used for patio doors are thick materials since it should be able to block harsh sun-rays during noon time.

How to Install Patio Door Blinds

To install blinds for patios one must begin with deciding the types of blinds preferred. There are many different types of blinds available in the market from blinds made of fabric to PVC. There are also various types of blinds like vertical, horizontal and Persian. So decide which type of material is you looking for and what is the types of material you’d want to install.

Measure the width of the patio doors

Once you zero in down the type and style of blinds next start with taking accurate measurements for the patios door blinds. The patio door as mentioned above is mostly sliding glass doors. While taking measurement remember to leave enough space for hardware that is going to be installed. It is best advised to leave a few inches extra for full coverage.

Bracket Installation For Patio Doors

Once you are done with deciding the type, material and measurements of the blinds you can purchase blinds for your patio door. Usually the blinds come with all necessary hardware such as screws, rod, wall anchors everything required for installing the blinds.

Follow the exact instructions which are there on the manufacturers manuals.

  • Start with drilling the wall to mount the hardware which will support the blinds.
  • Mark the exact points and drill holes in the wall to screw in the brackets. Once the brackets are in place you can then mount the head rail evenly into the brackets.
  • It is very important to check that the brackets are placed evenly in width of the patio doors.
  • Next you can attach the hardware that comes for pulling the string of the blinds of patio doors mostly it is a rod or vane attachment. Complete the process by attaching the finishing hardware which comes with the blinds.
  • These are used to hide or conceal any working parts. Installing these will give your blinds a very pleasing look.


The complete process of installing a patio door may take around few hours and we suggest you have someone with you to assist you in installing a blind for your patio door. The patio door is the gateway to the outdoors of the house and it is thus obvious that the blinds we use for the patio door should be beautiful and add to the overall beauty of the house.

Patio doors blinds can be installed easily without any expert assistance at home if you correctly follow the instructions manual provided by the manufacturers. But in case you are not confident about the complete process because it does include some form of drilling than we suggest you get professional help for installing your patio door blinds.

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