Aluminum doors and windows are in great demand nowadays owing to the various pros of having an aluminum frame for your doors and windows.

Benefits of Aluminum Doors and Windows

Aluminum doors and windows are in great demand as it is also available in a variety of different style and colors. Aluminum doors and windows are very strong has a long shelf life.

It is also a great option in countries like Sweden and other Nordic countries where there is extreme cold weather because aluminum doors and windows have high thermal insulation.

Light Weight Doors and Windows

Aluminum doors and windows are a great option for those who are looking for light weight frame for windows and doors. Aluminum doors and windows are used for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Aluminum doors and windows are installed as frames here are a few steps to install aluminum doors and windows. Here are few steps to install doors and windows which are made by aluminum …

A) Lift the aluminum frame and into the opening and insert the tabs into the grooves of headers end

B) Hold a level against the aluminum door’s header and raise or lower until the header is level and then screws through headers guide holes

C) Holding a level against one of the sides position such that the sides rest and insert a screw into the side guide holes

Check out the other side with a level to make sure it is level in the opening. Cut of the shims extending ends with utility knife in order to cut it such that it won’t go past the aluminum door frame.

Check the window measurements

In order to install an aluminum window prepare the window frames it should be straight and to the exact dimensions of the aluminum sliding window. Next set the sliding window in position and place a bead of caulking around the entire perimeter and lift the window in position and make sure that the window is in center of the opening.

Check that the window is level

After making sure that the windows are in place and secure drive galvanized nails into the holes already provided in the aluminum door frames. After securing the window take small bits of insulation and stuff them into the cracks of around the frame.

Thus these are some of the tips to install aluminum windows and doors. It is very easy to install these windows and doors since it is very light weight. However, it is always advised to have someone to assist you while you are installing an aluminum door or window.

The aluminum door frames or windows should be selected in accordance to your personal preference or choice. In case you are not very confident about the installing process than you should rather get it done by professionals who have expertise in this field and if you decide to install the doors and windows yourself than, make sure you follow the instructions on the manufacturers manual.

The aluminum doors and windows are used for both commercial and domestic purpose. It is also relatively and environment friendly option and is cost effective because it lasts for approximately 20 years.

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