PCB and asbestos removal

Along with façade renovation, Kronfönster also offers PCB and asbestos removal. We have all the certificates and our technicians are trained and certified to remove PCBs and asbestos.

PCB removal

The rules for PCB inventory and -removal for buildings (Ordinance 2010: 963) are very clear and apply from 16 August 2010:

Property owners must make an inventory for buildings that were built or renovated between 1956 – in 1973.  The buildings must be decontaminated in accordance with the following timetable.

PCB removal

All PCBs in sealants and floors by more than 0.05 percent, by weight (500 ppm), must be cleaned up and addressed as follows:
Building type
Year of construction / renovation
Most recent removal date
Real estate
1956 – 1969
30/6 2014
Real estate
1970 – 1973
30/6 2016
Industrial buildings
1956 – 1973
30/6 2016
Insulation and floors with PCBs
30/6 2016

Inventory of PCB

Making a PCB inventory is difficult, it requires accuracy and documentation and extensive experience. The important result needs to be absolutely reliable and form a good basis for the removal work.

Removal of PCB

Our clean-up work of PCBs is done in full accordance with current guidelines. We always take full responsibility and oversee the planning and removal, as well as the storage and disposal of PCB materials. Likewise, we handle all documentation and all contacts with the municipality’s environmental office.
Ongoing documentation like logs and self-checks are always used for internal controls, by the customer or environmental office staff. The buildings must be decontaminated in accordance with the following timetable. Deviations are documented with photos and accounting.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos dust may under no circumstances be spread among humans as it will never completely leave the body and causes suffering on the long term. To be good even in asbestos removal, we have expertise, specialized training programs, and professional equipment to get a good outcome. We have all the necessary permits from the Swedish Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket), which means that we follow their directives.

Unfortunately, too many clean-ups are carried out without the relevant permissions, which can give a penalty of 50 000 kronor for those carrying out the removal and/or customers, as well as cause the risk of rogue removals that do not handle and dispose of the asbestos-containing waste properly, and thus present a risk to third parties.
So make sure that you are working with professionals, talk with confidence to Kronfönster. We carry out consultations, inventory management and removal.
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