Insulated conservatories from Kronfönster.

Conservatories from Kronfönster, all products are fully insulated for winter.
Image:  Kronfönster manufactures sliding doors, folding doors, folding walls, sliding walls and glass walls for insulated conservatories. All products are tailored to your measurements, to exactly suit your house and your desires.

A winter-ready and insulated conservatory gives you and your house a whole new dimension. Being able to sit behind large glass when it’s snowing outside, is something special. You get a whole new contact with the outdoor environment, even though you are inside. A winter insulated conservatory is simply a fantastic encounter between your house and nature. In summer you can open up the large glass wall, and get a new entrance in the house. In the winter, you keep them closed to keep the cold out. Kronfönster manufactures all types of glass walls, sliding walls and folding walls that you need, to achieve this amazing feeling. We manufacture them in wood, aluminum or PVC, in all dimensions, all colours, and with all types of glass and openings. Create your dream conservatory in total freedom, together with Kronfönster.

What is an insulated conservatory?

Yes, there really are different degrees of insulation. Some manufacturers sell “insulated glass walls and sliding walls”, but it is very important to check just how insulated they really are. We measure this with the U-value. The U-value is a measure of energy by radiation, or actually of how much energy is lost through a window/door. A single glazed window section has a U-value 5. It loses 5 watts per m2 of glass. A decent double glazed window section has a U-value between 2 and 3. All Kronfönster’s glazed walls have a U-value that is as good as our windows and patio doors, i.e. between 0.8 and up to 1.5. All our sliding doors, folding doors and glass partitions are thus insulated for winter. This means you can use them to put in your exterior wall without it getting any colder inside. All our products have super-energy saving glass with low emission; argon gas filled insulated glass parts. We do not produce with glass that has a U-value higher than 1.0 and as you now understand, a low U-value is a good thing. This means that the lower the U-value, the better the window / door sections.

Conservatories, fully insulated doors, windows, sliding doors and folding walls from Kronfönster. We produce them in PVC, wood, wood / aluminum or entirely of aluminum. In all sizes, with all openings, and all types of glass. Entirely according to your wishes.

Insulated conservatories

If you want to build a simple conservatory, that can extend the summer season, then Kronfönster’s products are perfect. But, surely, you can select Kronfönster Budget where you actually get the full insulation for about the same price as single glazed patio doors that you buy at the glass master. The advantage of the Budget is that you also get better sound insulation than with simpler glazed patio windows.

But really, Kronfönster is for those who want to create an insulated conservatory. Well insulated or fully insulated for winter.
What kind of customers are choosing windows and door sections for conservatories from Kronfönster?

Customers who want well, or very well insulated windows, doors, sliding doors, or folding doors for their conservatory, and who want to keep the price low.
To get value for money is something that Kronfönster has always stood for, our business idea: Energy saving Windows – faster, better, cheaper, applies even to the best of our conservatories.