Valve ventilation

Built-in climate control in your new windows! Valve ventilation for windows and doors

Windows with a valve

The risk with energy saving windows as well insulated as Kronfönster’s, is that they simply close too tightly and prevent the necessary air exchange ventilation, and intake of outside air. This may result in condensation and misting, as well as a poor indoor climate.

Our window systems can therefore be fitted with valves – a fantastic ventilation system that operates inside the window frame. A built-in climate control system in the window. Avoid moisture, condensation, rot, mould and fog.

The valve sits on the sash and adapts to changes in pressure in the room. The valve can be opened or closed completely. The recommendation is to have one valve per 20 m2 floor space, or alternatively, one per room.

Benefits of valve ventilation:

• Optimum exchange between indoor and outdoor air.
• No extra ironwork is needed on the window.
• A very high thermal insulation.
• Very affordable.

Kronfönster also offers a full-automatic slit valve that opens and closes automatically based on negative pressure in the house. This valve is not available for all our window models.