More storage in the home is perhaps everyone’s dream. Basically more storage allows the owner to store away things that may be useful but are not essential in daily use. It is also a great way to hide away all the clutter the extra items cause. Storage space can be smartly added to the house today owing to the innovation that has taken place in the field of interior designing.

Surprising Ways to Add More Storage

More storage is also a great option when one wants an immaculate look for their house. Adding more storage in a house can be done either during the house is being designed or while renovating you home. There are many ways you can add more storage in the house.

We have listed a few ways one can add or create more storage in the house. In case you are living in a space that is area wise small than the best way to create more storage is to get a storage bed.

Use a Storage Bed

This one is also a great option for kid’s room. A storage bed is one of the best ways because of the various reasons. First is that it keeps the room clutter free and immaculate, next you won’t have to add an additional furniture for storage.

To create space in the home it is important that certain storage ideas be incorporated, right from the initial stage of designing home, or renovating it. The additional spaces that seem to be hidden from the view can be from the very beginning used as storage.

Install High Cabinets

Install high cabinets that extend up to the ceiling. These types of cabinets are really useful in kitchen and also in your store room to organise everything rather than just piling up unwanted things in the store room. Shelves that are extended up to the ceiling are also great in home offices you can keep all your important files in this shelf not only will it make your home office look more organised but also keep all your important files and documents away from small kids if you have any.

Install Drawers Under the Washing Machine

Laundry area is another space that holds up lots of space and this can be used wisely. All you have to do is install drawers under the washing machine, and have racks on the wall adjacent to the washing machine.

Store Unused Hardware in Garage

If you are not living in an apartment with additional space for storage use the garage to store the unused hardware and other essentials that you may not require in your day to day life. Closed cabinets on the walls of garage are a great option for this.

Eventually to create a better storage you have to start with managing the stuff you own. Often we hold on to things that are no more relevant to us and something we may not use ever.

So begin with DE-cluttering and donating things that still in good condition but of no use to you. Be smart and incorporate storage that gives your home a defined look and also has maximum capacity to store things.

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