Window screen is a mesh made out of either metal wire or fiber glass which is stretched in a frame of wood or metal. Window screens are not a novel concept in fact it has been in use since 1860’s.

Purpose of Using Window Screen

The purpose of using window screens is to keep flies, mosquitoes, and other insects out of the house. The window screens are also exceptionally useful in keeping the house clean as it also prevents dust from entering the home.

Window screens are easy to install and also if it is cleaned at regular intervals the chances of it getting damaged due to any possibility is very less. In case your window screen is damaged than here is a quick guide to either repair or replace the window screens.

Check, If There is Any Hole

Firstly, start with looking at and evaluating the problem. In case there is a hole in your window screen than it can be easily be repaired if the size of the hole is around 3 inches but in case the hole is bigger than the best option is to replace the screen.

When You Should Replace Window Screen ?

The point is if you repair the screen with a big hole in it the chances of patch being visible is high. Start with measuring the frame used for window screen in order to replace it.

Cut The Window Screen Mesh

Cut the appropriate size of mesh and make sure to keep the edges longer than is required (you can cut it in the end) at all sides for flexibility. Next pry out the old vinyl spline that holds the fabric of the old window screen.

Now using a screen spline roller press the newly cut window screen into the channels of the frame on one side. Pull the screen and make sure to lock the fabric into the channel.

Pull it taut and repeat the same process on other side once the fabric is locked properly into the channels cut off the extra edges neatly.

Repair a Damaged Window Screen

To repair the window screen these are some of the tips. For window screens made out of nylon or fibre glass you can use adhesive to fill the small holes.

It is always advisable to fill in the holes before it tears up into bigger hole. For window screens made out of metal you can use epoxy. Other option available is to use patch kits available in market and all you have to do is follow the instructions.

Trim Off the Extra Window Screen Material

In case you have the material used in your window screen you can even cut a piece of the size of the damaged portion it should not be too big, and just glue it and let it dry.

Thus these are some our tips to repair or replace window screens. It is very important to clean your window screens at regular intervals because otherwise dust and dirt will get accumulated on it and the room will also seem darkened.

While you are replacing the window screen it is always advised that you use gloves while cutting metal mesh and make sure you have someone to assist you if you are not sure of the complete process.

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