Timber is wood prepared for use in factory in building and construction purposes.

Why using Factory Finish Timber is Better?

When selecting the timber for building purposes using factory finished timber is the best way to move forward. It is a little expensive compared to the unfinished wood, but it is however better option to go for.

Why People Choose Unfinished Wood?

First let’s discuss unfinished wood before moving to factory finished timbre. Unfinished wood is usually selected when the budget is low. Other reason why unfinished wood is used is because; some people like to decide the colour, look, design of the wood.

Thus these are preferably the main two reasons why unfinished wood is used. On the other hand, factory finished timber has many benefits.

Benefits of Factory Finished Timber

Factory finished timber is more aesthetic look wise and also from design perspective. The finished timber is a lot more appealable than, the unfinished timber.

Windows and Doors Made By Finished Timber

The windows and doors which are made from factory finished timber, it is more solid and strong. Factory finished timber is more climate resistant as it undergoes certain processes which makes it better option than the unfinished timber.

There are different stages in the making of this timber and each step is regulated under optimal conditions. The factory finished timber is dipped in preservative, sprayed with primer and then it is dried in really conducive environment.

After this the windows or doors are given a base coat of paint and given a sleek look. The factory finished timbre is therefore a lot, more beautiful and adds to the overall look of the home.

High Quality Paint Benefit

The most important benefit of factory finished timber is that it is painted with micro porous paint. Since timber has moisture in it the micro porous paint allows the moisture to evaporate.

This the prime reason unfinished timber looses paint, because it is painted with normal matt or gloss paint and thus the moisture in the timber remains locked in the timber; making it flaky and untidy in look.

Factory Finished Timber Block Noises

The windows and doors made form factory finished timber are also comparatively better at blocking noise and also has better thermal insulation due to the process the timber goes through before the final product is sold.

There are many options available in the housing and construction sector. Most important features that one should take care of while selecting the doors and windows for any construction be it a house or for a commercial property are…

  1. Security; the doors and windows should be made up of materials that are strong and safe
  2. Lifespan; the durability of the windows and doors depends upon the quality of the materials used and factory finished timber is one of the best option
  3. Thermal and noise insulation capacity of the doors and windows; thus factory finished timber are the best option.

To summaries some of the benefits of factory finished timber are…

  1. Its overall look and design is classier and sleek
  2. The factory finished timbers are more durable
  3. Factory finished timber has heat resistance.

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