Wooden windows

Titan – a window in wood or wood with an aluminium exterior

Wooden window Titan from Kronfönster

With our wooden windows you find craftsmanship and high quality. We have both serial and fully customized solutions. We only use finger jointed pine, we use heartwood and we follow a motto: People make windows, not machines.

What is a wooden window?

The technology used for manufacturing wooden windows differs greatly among different producers. The largest players in the market of mass producing windows, use machines for large scale production where everything goes automatically. The human sense of this beautiful natural material – wood – has been lost. In addition, often the cheapest type of wood is used, solid wood – pieces of wood sawn lengthwise in whole pieces. The problems of solid wood are numerous. Firstly, it means you get bulges and knots. These are of course painted over, but they are there underneath the paint and will burst up eventually. The next problem is torsional rigidity. Wood is a living material that changes due to heat and cold, moisture and drought. We then say the wood is “settling”. When you make windows or doors of solid wood, then they will settle with time.

Additionally the core wood, the middle piece of the tree, is rarely used. Instead, often the worst wood is placed on the outside and covered with aluminium. So the use of bad wood is not visible, but actually it is there underneath. So our proposal, when you buy wooden windows, always ask if the window is made of solid pine, or like the Kronfönster Titan, of finger jointed pine. Solid pine windows will be much cheaper than those made of finger-jointed pine, but both quality and durability are quite different.
get inspired by wooden windows in different environments before your select your window.

Why would you choose a wooden window from Kronfönster?

At Kronfönster we want to retrieve that which has been lost in the mass production of wooden windows. Out of a fantastic material such as wood, we want to make beautiful windows. We want to get more human contact with the material and manufacture wooden windows of a really high quality. Obviously we use new modern CNC machines in the production, but we also put in a great part of human craftsmanship. To make a good window, we think requires real window carpenters.

Never solid wood

We simply eliminated the use of solid wood out from our window production – it is banned! Instead, we use finger jointed pine. We saw away all knots, bulges and poor parts in the wood, and then splice and layer glued wood for the entire length.

We achieve two major advantages with this:

• You get rid of bulges that become yellow and start to shine through after a few years.
• You get an incredible high torsional stiffness in your new windows.

Sure, it’s more expensive to manufacture of finger-jointed wood as we do, but we put quality first. We want your new windows to last, and be in good shape for a long time! That is why our wooden doors are of a better quality than those of the mass producers.

Wooden windows with aluminium cladding, also available as culture windows with aluminium cladding.

We manufacture windows in all sizes and shapes. You can order outward opening windows, turning windows, or traditional culture windows with hinges (side-hung). We manufacture windows in all colours – white is the standard – and you can even get them with glaze or stained.

Aluminium cladding is optional, and is available for both windows and doors.

Step in the window manufacturing process

Material: To manufacture our wooden windows, we mainly use core wood. Core wood comes from the middle piece of the tree where the wood is hardest and best impregnated. We use we finger-jointed wood, for the window to maintain its rigidity and stability.

Planing, sanding and painting:: Since the wood is planed and polished before it enters the wooden frame / window frames are drowned in the impregnation. The window (frames) are painted three times – twice with a primer in the same colour as the window and once with surface finish. Between each layer of paint we polish/sand the paint for it to be smooth and shiny.

Ironwork: All the fittings, hinges and glass is installed manually and tested by the window carpenter.

Quality control: Finally the window is checked visually and functionally tested by the quality manager. Only after it has passed without any remarks, the window is ready for delivery.
Our wooden windows are available as side hung or as turning windows, and are available as 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-air. You can buy your windows completely customized for an exact fit to your house down to the millimetre, in all sizes, colours, with all types of glass and more.

Wooden window Titan.

Wooden windows 2 air Titan from Kronfönster AB
For the triple glazed Wooden windows Titan – our flagship product – we use double low energy glass U-0.7 as standard. In addition they have a stronger frame depth than most other wooden windows (114 mm), which makes the windows better insulated, and provides a higher rigidity of the whole structure. We use the finger jointed, slow growing pine, making the windows completely knotless, and the stiffness is further improved.

Our offer of custom-made wooden windows is hard to beat. We manufacture windows to suit your preferences so that they fit in your house, no matter what style it is and when it is built. A new window should not only have high quality, it should blend with its environment.
Kronfönster Titan is also available as a patio door, and as double doors, which we both have in stock for immediate delivery. Go to our webshop to order, or to build your own window to your measurements.

NEW: Titan Light

Kronfönster is launching a new discount window, the Titan Light with a double glazed U-value of 1.0, free measures, and an insulation package on the glass. The Titan Light is just like any other window by Kronfönster low emission glass, filled with argon gas. The advantage of the window, apart from the price, is that it can be produced in greater measures than the usual Titan window.

Wooden window Titan. Made of finger jointed pine. Also available with aluminium cladding. White is the standard colour, other colours are available if you want. We manufacture Titan in all sizes and shapes according to your wishes. Detailed images of culture window Titan. Here as two air window. This window is fitted with genuine mullions; glazing bars on the inside and the outside. For various options, see our online store, or talk to your Kronfönster sales manager. Click image to enlarge.

Mullions for windows.

Mullions on wooden windows. Kronfönster offers all types of glazing bars, intermediate mullions, genuine , glass dividers and outer lying bars. Also slender or broad.

Technical specifications for Wooden window Titan

Culture Window drawing of the profile, intersection
• U-value of the entire construction: 1.2
• Material: finger-jointed, painted, knot-free pine
• Frame depth: 114 mm (can also be delivered in 99, 84 and 69 mm)
• Ironwork/hanging: H-fittings, turning outward, alternative side-hung outward
• Colour: White (NCS S 0502-Y). Other colours available according to the RAL scale. Can be bi-color (ask for a separate price).
• Optional: Aluminum cladding, free form, all colours, other types of glass (sun protection, intrusion protection, noise protection, etc.).

Technical specifications for the glass in Wooden window Titan
• Model: Super-energy saving glass
• Cassette depth: 36 mm
• Construction: 4-12-4-12-4 mm (low emission argon standard argon low emmission)
• Cassette filling: Argon gass
• U-value glass: 0.7
• U-value of the entire construction: 1.2

Warranties on wooden window Titan
• 10 year warranty against rot in the wood. This warranty does not apply to the finish
• 10 year warranty against condensation and dust between the panes.
• 10 year warranty on ironwork and hinges.
Order wooden windows online

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Price for triple glazed windows
Price for double glazed windows

If you have long-term vision on your window replacement, you can make a great deal. You will receive our maximum discount on our beautiful quality window Titan, if you’re willing to wait up to 6 months for delivery. It is not always we can give you this offer, but sometimes we have spare capacity,  register here and we will send you an email next time with which you can get a maximum discount.

The window Natur, a wooden window from Kronfönster.

As part of Kronfönsters strategy to offer all windows, and also to equal offers from manufacturers who offer you solid pine windows, we have now developed a solid-pine-window.
It is much cheaper to manufacture windows of solid pine, than how we make our Titan, with finger-jointed pine. So now Kronfönster shows you its own solid pine window, to face the competition on the wooden windows market.

Kronfönster Natur is our second sorting window. It is made of solid pine instead of Titan which is made of finger jointed pine. The Natur is the basic version, without paint or impregnation. Obviously you can have it painted in white (RAL 9010) and also with white aluminium cladding if you want. Kronfönster Natur is our low cost alternative to wooden windows, for those who want the lowest price and which do not need finger jointed pine. It may have minor injuries / wounds, and has no extensive warranties. The delivery time for this window is short, about 6 weeks.
The Natur has the same dimensions as the Kronfönster Titan, and is available with energy saving glass, double galzed with U-value 1.0 or triple glazed 0.8. The insulation package standard comes with it.

Window Natur is for those who want an insulated wooden window, tailored to the millimeter, at a really low price.
NOTE: Access to Kronfönster Natur is limited, especially during the summer months, when demand for windows is the greatest! Therefore, we can not always guarantee that we have the substance or the ability to produce the Natur, even if you order them, and in such cases we refer to Kronfönster Titan.
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