Windows Buying Guides: The Different Styles, Types and Materials

When you think of changing the windows of your house your primary intentions are to enhance the look and operation of the windows. When replacing old windows with new ones there many points that if you take into consideration will make your window shopping experience easy and simple.

The infinite options available in the market may overwhelm you; and that is why we are here. We have combined all the important points to be kept in mind when shopping for window.

Here is our guide for window shopping…

Window Materials

Let’s start with the basics. The first thing that one decides is the material of the windows. The options available in the market are:-

a) Aluminum: its all time favorite material for windows, though demand has decreased over the period of years for aluminum windows.

b) Vinyl: this is the hot property right now, reasons being its low cost, high quality, long life, and low expenditure on maintenance. These windows are also available in many colors. Vinyl is used for both commercial and domestic purposes. It is very easy to install and is also recyclable but not very Eco friendly.

c) Wood: it is the traditional materials and is still preferred by many because nothing can beat the look of a traditional wooden window.The wooden window however requires regular varnishing and painting.

d) Fiberglass frame: these are relatively new and so there is not much authentic feedback about it.

Types of Windows

The type of window you intend to select is a personal preference, Some of the options available are…

a) Fixed windows: if only lighting is important these are nice option but there will be problem with ventilation.

b) Bi-fold: these are easy to handle and also add a luxurious look to the house.

c) Double hung windows: these types of windows are most popular they are good at keeping cold air out which is good if you reside in areas with cold weather like Denmark, U.K or Sweden. These windows are also very easy to clean.

d) Casement style windows: casement style windows are hung open like we open doors which provides clear view without any obstruction. Again these are excellent in keeping cold air out and so is a great option if you are residing in a relatively cold area. Window air conditioners cannot be installed in these types of windows

e) Awning style windows: this type of windows open outward and closes very tightly so is good from security point of view also.

Other points

Some other points to be taken care of, thermal insulation of the windows, the security and sturdiness of the windows, you can opt for wooden windows for indoor and lastly be clear on what your requirements, preferences and choices are and make decision accordingly.

Thus as a beginner who has set out to shop windows for the first time the options and specifications may be overwhelming but remember that it all becomes very simple when you effectively map out your requirements, budget and choices.