Special windows

We manufacture all kinds of special windows

With Kronfönster you get genuine craftsmanship and high quality. We have both serial but also fully customized solutions. We manufacture in all forms, in all materials and in all colours with all types of glazing. You get your window exactly as you want it – tailored to your taste and your house.

What is a special window?

Even if you are looking for an unusual window – a special window – we can arrange it. Over the years we have performed many complicated window projects for customers, who got an entirely unique window. A special window has different dimensions, a different shape, and different glass than ordinary rectangular windows. They are manufactured according to your wishes, and are available as half-round, three, four, five, six, seven or octagonal windows in free form. In short, you can get your new windows however you wish.

Special windows from Kronfönster

Round and half-round windows are always in stock and can be ordered directly. Looking for other sizes or another form, please contact us so we can manufacture a unique window for your needs. Maybe you want a different colour or other glazing bars than you see on our website. Please let us know; no window project is too difficult for us.
When it comes to materials, it is up to you. Kronfönster produces in PVC, wood and aluminium.

With us, you decide how your window should look like, and it is perhaps even more important when it comes to special windows than with the more traditional. This is your chance to be a designer and we will realize your ideas.