PVC window Norden

Norden – a modern outward opening energy saving window

PVC window Norden – turn window or culture PVC windows

Norden is the only outward opening plastic window with turning fittings or culture fittings, approved for K-marked houses, in Swedish standard dimensions and with double sealing strips. With Norden, you get a vintage look with side hung windows and a modern turning window.
You will never have to think about painting your windows again. Norden is a sensible and appreciated choice, especially popular among older house with a cultural style, also approved for K-marked houses.

What is so special about Kronfönster Norden?

Almost all PVC windows (composite windows / plastic windows) are inward opening. They normally have a thin frame depth (60-90 mm) and have higher profiles on the frame and sash, resulting in less light to enter. Kronfönster Norden is made to fit Swedish houses with a traditional frame depth of 116 mm, lower profiles on the frame and sash, and with fittings and openings that fit our houses. The windows are opened outwards with the old, traditional window hooks and hasps, but are also available as a modern turning window. The whole point of Kronfönster Norden is to emulate the classical Swedish wooden window, while it is made of a maintenance-free material that does not need to be painted.
That the window is made of PVC also provides other positive effects. It has a better energy value than if you choose wooden windows, and they are quieter thanks to the design with dual sealing strips.

What clients choose PVC windows?

PVC is a good choice for those who for some reason cannot have or do not want wooden windows. Maybe you live near the water with a lot of wind, rain and bad weather, where wood wears very fast. Those who would like to have a window that you do not have to paint, but also absolutely do not want an inward opening window, usually also choose PVC.
Kronfönster Norden is simply a very popular alternative to our usual, traditional Swedish wooden windows. They combine the old design with modern window technology. Read more about PVC windows
Kronfönster Norden – Now with updates

Kronfönster Norden has now an upgraded profile with an even higher finish, improved torsional rigidity and a perfect fit. The ironwork is also stronger, which makes that the already good wear resistance and durability, has now further improved. The price, however, we have left untouched. When you buy the Kronfönster Norden, you will get a totally maintenance-free window, adapted to Swedish conditions, by Swedish standards. You will never regret your choice. The new Kronfönster Norden 2 has two sealing strips, a 5 chamber profile, a 116 mm frame depth and is available as a turning window or as a cultural window. But remember, Norden does not have a window sill track. Kronfönster Norden has become a popular choice for those who want a modern, energy-saving window with classic looks. The window is inter alia installed in the program Bygglov on TV4.

Technical specifications for Kronfönster Norden

• Material: PVC, steel reinforced
• Insulating chambers: 5
• Number of sealing strips: 2
• Frame depth: 116 mm
• Hanging: H-ironwork, turning outward, alternative side-hung outward (cultural window)
• Colour: White (RAL 9016), other colours available as an option
• U-value of the entire construction: Double glazed 1.0 = 1.21 (Measured with DIN EN 10077 for windows openable 1500*1500 mm)

Technical specifications for glass in Kronfönster Norden

Culture Window with “real” hasps and hooks

• Model: Super-energy saving glass with low emission glass
• Cassette depth: 24 mm (4/16/4) or triple glazed 36 mm (4/12/4/12/4)
• Filling: Argon gas
• U-value of the glass: 1.0, or for triple glazed 0.6

Warranties for Kronfönster Norden

• 30 year warranty against fading for white windows.
• 10 year warranty against fading for Acrylic colours.
• 5 year warranty against fading for lacquered windows
• 10 year warranty against condensation between the panes of insulating glass.
• 10 year warranty on the windows’ ironwork, frame and sash.