Plastic window

Plastic window Avans – Our cheapest energy saving window


Plastic windows from Kronfönster.

Plastic windows from Kronfönster provide much insulation for your money. For those on a tight budget they are an excellent option. If you are looking for a window system with good insulating properties, which is also maintenance free, the plastic window Avans is certainly worth considering.
You buy a cheap window, along with the safety it offers to buy from Sweden’s largest manufacturer of plastic windows.

A plastic windows, what is it?

Plastic window sounds a bit shabby for many but in fact, plastic window is just another name for PVC window, a window type that is gaining ground thanks to its great insulating properties, near zero maintenance requirements, and a favourable price.
Our plastic windows are made of maintenance free PVC, with steel reinforced frames and sashes to create a sustainable and stiff profile. They are a highly appreciated everywhere, from villas and apartments to holiday cottages, holiday homes, stores and sheds.

Modern energy windows with a low U-value

Kronfönster is Sweden’s largest manufacturer of maintenance free plastic windows. We give you security and quality all the way. To date, we have over 50 000 customers, and they have chosen us for a reason. Quality and customer satisfaction of our products are very high. Kronfönster’s Avans – our bestseller when it comes to plastic windows – also has a number of characteristics that other plastic windows lack. A window sill track, the insulation package for 10% extra insulation, reinforced burglary protection, and Kronufix for easy mounting.
This combined with the low price, fast delivery and great performance and features, have made the Avans very popular amongst thousands of satisfied customers over the years.

Plastic window Avans

The white colour of the Avans plastic windows is permanent and is not adversely affected by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. With Avans, just like with our other maintenance free windows, an insulation package is standard included, as well as a window sill track that simplifies the installation of the window significantly. With other suppliers of plastic windows, this is missing, which causes frustration both for clients and installers. The Kronfönster Avans has a very low price. But do not worry; they are of no lesser quality. We just produce our windows a little smarter, and without resellers. We sell directly to our customers and therefore the price is 20-30% lower than it would have been otherwise.

Technical details for Plastic window Avans

• Installed: Maintenance-free window made of PVC, with steel reinforced centre chamber.
• Material: PVC, steel
• Insulating chambers: 5Frame depth: 70 mm.
• Hanging: Tilt-and-turn. Side hung and bottom hung, with built-in micro-ventilation.
• Colour: White (RAL 9016) you can also choose to have your windows painted in any RAL colour.
• U-value of the entire construction : Triple glazed 0.6 = 0.87 for the entire construction (Measured with DIN EN 10077 for windows openable 1500*1500mm)
• U-value of the entire construction: Double glazed 1.0 = 1.5 for the entire construction (Measured with DIN EN 10077 for windows openable 1500*1500mm)
• Can it be prepared for frame screw mounting? Yes, if you want

As the only window manufacturer, Kronfönster can offer you PVC windows with the possibility of frame screw mounting. Kronfönster has its own patented technology that enables installation of PVC windows, with ordinary frame screws. Forget the mess of sticky foam fillers. Choose Kronfönster Avans.

Technical specifications for glass in Plastic windows Avans

• Type of glass: super-energy saving glass, low-emission
• Depth of the glass cassette: 24 mm (4/16/4), or 4/12/4/12/4 when triple glazed
• Filling glass cassette: Argon gas
• U-value glass: 1,0 or 0,6 (triple glazed)