Passivhus window

Passivhus window – Kronfönsters series for Passive houses.

Passivhus withstands arctic cold and minimizes noise
Kronfönster Passivhus is suitable for those who want to have a window that can handle frigid cold and want to minimize noise and sounds from outside. It is a window for Passive houses, with a 104 mm frame depth, three sealing strips, thermal insulated steel, isothermal neophor insulation, a six chamber profile, super-energy saving glass, and an extra thin sash for maximum light transmission.

Passivhus windows are so good that they have a positive energy value.  This means the window allows in more heat through solar irradiation and light, than it emits in the form of energy loss.
What is a Passivhus window? With Passivhus window we mean a window that has a total U-value of the entire window structure below 0.8. This is calculated for the window frame, sash and glass – the whole structure. The glass insulates always better than the frame, so the glass has a lower U-value than the frame and sash.
Must a passive house window be ugly?

The demand for passive house technology is great today. But the windows that were previously on the market had not a directly attractive design. They were too heavy, bulky and took far too much of the incoming light. In addition, the technology was far too expensive. Therefore, we wanted to see if we could make an eco-friendly window and presented Kronfönster Passivhus. The result was a window that provides maximum light transmission, with the latest energy technology, and offers beautiful design for a great price. You can now maintain your beautiful exterior of the house, while saving money on heating costs and protect the environment. Select the concealed hinges to get superior aesthetics, and probably one of the better window available today on the Swedish market. The superior natural lighting has made Kronfönster Passivhus a favourite among architects.

Passivhus window Kronfönster.

What customers are choosing window Passivhus?
Kronfönster Passivhus is for you who want our absolute best insulated window, maximum natural light, and a window that blocks out sound. Passivhus windows, is for customers who want quality in every screw. The window comes with triple sealing strips, a 6-chamber system, a 104 mm frame depth for added torsional rigidity, the insulation package, reinforced burglary protection, and triple glazing with low emission super-energy saving glass. In addition, the window is equipped with our sleekest sash (maximum light transmission and one a very good insulation) and a window sill track.
A detail which Kronfönster Passivhus has is a groove for the windowsill, which saves you a lot of time and money when installing your windows, and moreover, the result is neat. The insulation package guarantees 10% better insulation. These are small simple features that we have devised for you, and that you do not notice when you first look at the window, but in everyday life will prove you very useful and save you money.

We have become widely acclaimed for our products and were one of the first companies to launch windows for passive houses. We have won multi-million dollar contracts from local authority housing projects with this window, because we can offer a cost-effective, super-insulating window with a modern design.

Energy value of Kronfönster Passivhus

Kronfönster Passivhus has a positive energy value. This means that the window is extremely well insulated. It is even so well insulated, that over the course of a year, it lets in more heat from the sun outside than it passes through the heat loss from the house. So it lets in more energy than is released from it.
The U-value of the Passivhus with triple glazing is U-0.5, and 0.77 for the entire window structure, values other windows can compete against.
An eco-friendly window

Kronfönster Passivhus has superior insulation parameters. It is designed to provide very good thermal protection for your house and minimal heat loss. It is designed for passive and low energy houses but fits naturally in every house where the owner wants to protect the environment. Kronfönster Passivhus has double sealing strips and thermally insulated steel. The steel chambers are filled with foam to further minimize heat loss.

Factors that improve the insulation:
• Special reinforcement with high thermal insulation
• Spaces with very good insulation properties
• Steel with thermal insulation. Foam filler in the channels
• Three sealing strips to minimize the risk of drafts and to make the window absolutely watertight
• Dry chamber: the place of the fittings. Here, they can stay dry and warm, which prolongs their lifespan

Other important environmental characteristics:
• No paints and solvents are needed for maintenance.
• The entire window is 100% recyclable – it is part of the cycle.

Important: Protect yourself against condensation on the glass

In Kronfönster Passivhus, and our other energy saving window, the glass is so well insulated that there is a risk of condensation in certain circumstances. For those of you who want to minimize this risk, we recommend that you upgrade the outer glass to self-cleaning glass. For more information about the risk of condensation and much more, see our answers to frequently asked questions about windows.

Technical specifications for Kronfönster Passivhus

• Structure: Maintenance-free window made of PVC plastic with steel reinforced centre chambers.
• Material: PVC, steel, polystyrene foam (for extra insulation), plus an extra thin sash for maximum light transmission
• Insulating chambers: 6
• Number of sealing strips: Tripled in the frame and sash
• Frame depth: 104 mm.
• Colour: White (RAL 9016), other colours available as an option
• U-value of the entire construction (triple glazed):  0.5 = 0.77 for the entire construction (Measured with DIN EN 10077 for windows openable 1500*1500mm)
• Can it be prepared for frame screw mounting? Yes, if you want

As a window manufacturer, Kronfönster can offer you PVC windows with the possibility of frame screw mounting. Kronfönster has its own patented technology that enables installation of PVC windows, with ordinary frame screws. Forget the mess of sticky foam fillers. Choose Kronfönster Passivhus.

Technical specifications for the glass in Kronfönster Passivhus
• Type of glass: super-energy saving glass, triple-layered low-emission glass
• Glass type: Low-emission glass, energy saving glass Clima
• Cassette depth glass cassette: 44 mm (4/16/4/16/4)
• Filling glass cassette: Argon gas
• U-value glass: 0.5

Guarantees PVC windows Passivhuscentrum

• 30 year warranty against fading for white windows.
• 10 year warranty against fading for Acrylic colours.
• 5 year warranty against fading for lacquered windows
• 10 year warranty against condensation between the panes of insulating glass.
• 10 year warranty on the windows’ ironwork, frame and sash.

Calculate the price of our Passivhus windows in our window webshop. There you can request a quote or order windows and doors directly.
Video – Passivhus window
See opening options of Kronfönster Passivhus. All Passivhus windows are both side hung (1st demo movie) and bottom hung (2nd demo movie)