PVC windows are windows that are made of the poly vinyl chloride. PVC material is a great option for windows as it is very strong and durable. PVC material has up to 57 % chlorine and 43 % carbon.

Use of PVC in construction and housing started in Europe where it is also known as Vinyl. PVC windows are used in place of the traditional wood and aluminum. The windows and doors not only add an aesthetic look to a house or building but also provide security to the house.

The windows of any building has to be not only strong and secure from the perspective of someone breaking in but also it has to be safe in case of an emergency like fire or any other form of emergency. PVC successfully manages to fulfill all these requirements and is therefore very rapidly replacing the other materials.

So here let’s take a how to maintain your PVC windows; it is probably the easiest of all the other materials to maintain a PVC window.

Always Start With The Frames

The window frames may have accumulated over the period of time cob web and dust so start with cleaning it with a sponge or fiber cloth. Fiber cloth is preferably a better option. Make sure to clean all the nook and corners. If you want you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the frame where it is not possible for to reach by using the hands.

Next Clean The Glass

If possible, clean the glass panel when the sun is not out. This will help in avoiding the patches that are usually left. Again start with dusting the glass with a dry fiber cloth and then use a glass cleanser to clean the glass. Next wipe the glass again with dry fiber cloth and let it dry naturally.

This step should be done, regularly. Open your windows daily to avoid the condensation. If the PVC windows are left UN-opened for days together it may cause some hitches.

While cleaning your PVC windows avoid using any form of harsh products be it a harsh scrub or a harsh liquid cleanser.

There are PVC cleansers available in the market which you can use to clean the PVC windows in case the dirt accumulated on the windows is very stubborn. Again read the ingredients of these cleansers before buying; it should a mild cleanser.

Regular Cleaning

Clean your PVC windows on regular intervals. On a daily/weekly basis only dust it with a dry micro fiber cloth. And on a quarterly basis use the above mentioned tips.

Overall the maintenance of PVC window is not very difficult. PVC windows are very strong and also hassle free to maintain. Overall PVC windows are light weight, very easy to install, strong and fire resistant. The PVC windows are also known to have a shelf life of around 15 to 16 years, and in some cases the manufactures provide lifetime guarantee. So make sure to follow these simple easy tips to maintain your windows.

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