Culture window Småland

The only Swedish-made culture window in PVC

Culture Window Småland, for houses built around the turn of the century.
Småland is known for its craftsmanship. There are many house builders, furniture manufacturers and many other companies engaged in craftsmanship. Kronfönster wants to use their tradition and knowledge of manufacturing beautiful wooden windows, and also aims to manufacture maintenance-free PVC windows in the same spirit.
The result is Culture window Småland. The only Swedish-made culture window in PVC.
Culture window Småland is developed by us, to mimic the traditional Swedish wooden window with narrow frames and sashes, and as large a glass surface as possible. It looks like a wooden window in the design, but you do not have to paint it and it clearly has better insulation properties than ordinary wooden windows.

PVC window Småland, for old, traditional houses

Culture Window Småland is manufactured by us in Småland. We want to make a Swedish PVC window, for Swedish standards and for Swedish houses.
Just as Kronfönster’s other PVC windows, the Småland window standard comes with the “insulation package”, in which we additionally include insulation glass edges/strips. This gives you an additional 10% better insulation, but perhaps most important, your insulated glass will keep a good 10 years longer than without the “insulation package”. Think about that when you select your window.
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Technical specifications for Culture window Småland

Culture Window Småland in PVC
• Material: PVC, steel reinforced
• Insulating chambers: 5
• Number of sealing strips: 1
• Frame depth: 120 mm.
• Hanging: Side hung outward opening, (culture window)
• Colour: White, RAL 9016
• U-value of the entire construction (double glazed): 1.0 = 1.3 for the entire construction (Measured with DIN EN 10077 for windows openable 1500*1500mm)
Technical specifications for glass in Kronfönster Småland
• Model: Super-energy saving glass with low emission glass
• Cassette depth: 24 mm (4/16/4) or triple glazed 36 mm (4/12/4/12/4)
• Filling: Argon gas
• U-value glass: 1.0 or 0.7 when triple glazed
Warranties for PVC window Småland
• 30 year warranty against fading for white Småland PVC windows
• 10 year warranty against condensation between the panes of insulating glass.
• 10 year warranty on the windows’ ironwork, frame and sash.