PVC windows

PVC windows from Kronfönster AB®

Our unique solutions and generous warranties are valued by 50,000 satisfied customers. Besides, we have Sweden’s oldest PVC window installed in our headquarters. Now you can also buy PVC windows can be fitted with standard frame screws. Forget sticky tetningsskum select Kronfönster.

Here we tell you about the advantage of PCV as material, and present ourselves, our production and our products.

Advantages of PVC window?

PVC means polyvinycloride and is a mixture of mineral oil and brine. The material has many uses and is one of the most common building materials. For example, almost all pipes laid in the ground is made of PVC. The material is not affected by anything: Not moisture, not air, no rot, no rust – nothing.

PVC is a dead material that does not move (compared to three that expands and shrinks depending on weather conditions). Moreover, it is recyclable and thus an environmentally friendly choice. There are easily broken down and you can create new products of residuals. PVC is itself a color genuine material, but we’ve taken it a step further. Our windows are treated so that they become resistant to the sun’s ultraviolet rays lengthy breaks down and bleaches almost everything in our surroundings. We know that our windows lasts. Sweden’s oldest PVC windows are namely assembled in Kronfönsters premises and therefore we dare to give 30 years color guarantee.

We have Sweden’s oldest PVC windows

On Kronfönsters headquarters and factory outlets in Växsjö is Sweden’s oldest PVC windows installed throughout the facade – over 100 windows in all directions. They were inserted in 1982 and is still as white and fine as when they were installed. It is impressive that over 30 years old windows still looks like new, with almost no maintenance. They wiped off with a washcloth once a year to keep away dirt. That’s all. PVC windows that sit in our offices are the same type that we produce today: Kronfönster Avans. Window pvc available at Kronfônster in all dimensions, shapes and glass. Select a window in pvc from Sweden’s largest manufacturer of pvc window. Kronfönsters PVC windows serves as a reference point when customers and partners want to see how the ravages affect PVC. We often invite construction company and cooperatives in view, and the skeptics are usually convinced.

Often we hear from customers that they are afraid that the windows yellowing, bleached and becomes ugly with time. We can emphatically deny. Kronfönsters PVC windows is just fine after 30 years in which they were produced. They never bliltt scratched, caulk or painted, but only been there – without the slightest consideration – and saved us a lot of energy and heating costs. In addition closes the windows very effective out noise from the traffic outside.

To be a proper window be – quality down to the smallest detail. If you are in Sweden are you welcome to look at our premises.

What distinguishes our PVC windows from competitors?

Beside that we can prove that Kronfönsters window holding over time – so the window has many unique features. Let’s go through a few:

Sills track: For many who buy imported window without windowsill track will install windowsill be expensive, the result will not be pretty and window does not close. When plate beater comes to assemble the frame, there is no place, and he must use many hours to solve the problem. With our windows you do not need this. Windowsill installed in five minutes, and it becomes a nice finish on your new windows.

Operator errors lock: On “tilt-turn” window – ie windows that are both bottom-hung and side-hung – it is very easy to use both positions simultaneously, so that the window becomes both bottom and side hinged at the same time. Especially children and people who are not accustomed to these windows, do this with the result that very easily destroy the mechanics and damage the paint around the window.

Your new window is destroyed. Therefore window models Avans, Polaris, Premium and Passive equipped as standard with faulty operation barrier, making it impossible to open both sides simultaneously. Without this feature comes window before or since to open error – then it goes to pieces. With Kronfönsters incorrect operation interlock extend the window lifetime considerably.

Isloering: Since 2008, well we isolate aluminum strip / glass strip between the panes. This has two advantages. Firstly you will get 10% better insulation on the window. Second comes argon gas, which we fill between the panes, to keep 10 years extra before it leaks out.

Condensation between panes is very unusual with Kronfönsters Isolation. Again – your new windows will keep longer and save energy and heating costs.

Lockerpoint: Kronfönster always adds at least one extra lockerpointin your windows to make it even harder for thieves. The lockerpoint sits in the frame and fittings which hooks stuck in the window sill of the window frame when you turn the handle.

In wooden windows have usually two lockerpoints. On Kronfönsters PVC windows have as standard three to four lockerpoints, if desired up to seven. We promise that our windows are among the safest.

As the only manufacturer of pvc window can Kronfönster offer you frame screw mounting. We have our own patented technology that allows installation of pvc windows with ordinary frame screws. The windows Avans, Premium och Passive exist with this technique. Forget sticky, swelling tetningsskum. Assemble your pvc windows frame screws.

These are small but important details, which are appreciated by professionals as well as private individuals. They have security contributed to Kronfönster has become Sweden’s largest manufacturer of PVC window. There is a difference between windows!

Kronfönster safeguarding the environment and as Sweden’s largest manufacturer of pvc windows we have made an environmental impact assessment, read it like here, pvc windows – good or bad?

Pvc windows, we can produce in all dimensions, colors and finishes. Pvc windows for everyone.

Kronfönster – Sweden’s largest manufacturer of PVC window

Why is Kronfönsters PVC windows so popular and how we became the largest manufacturer? Here are some of the reasons that most customers in Sweden choose exactly Kronfönster.

Lange guarantees: We provide very generous warranties on our products, because we know that the windows are of high quality year after year – for example, 30 years warranty on color white PVC window (Polaris, Premium and Passive). We also have our own service department that follows up all warranty issues, something we are alone. Thanks to our skilled service technicians, it’s easy to keep our promises.

Unique solutions: We have many solutions to our PVC window. Recessed window sills (slots) for easy installation, faulty operation barrier, extra insulated glass edge, enhanced burglary protection and dørbremser are some of the details that improve our product.

Good design: Thanks to the window design is a popular are Kronfönster choice among architects and constructors. We strive slender, thin frames for maximum natural daylight. Two advantages for the customer: The windows are prettier, and the larger glass surface is, the better the insulation.

Good testimonials: Satisfied customers lead to more satisfied customers. Kronfönster further recommended by 97% of our customers, which is a major reason why we have been Sveri Gest fastest growing window manufacturer. We are appreciative participants in Dagens Industri Gazelle Competition for three consecutive years, as one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies.

Our PVC windows – Quick presentation

Pvc windows Kronfönster, for a quieter, warmer and more comfortable life.

If you are interested in choosing PVC window, we have different varieties in different price ranges.

Cheap windows Budget: Other Sort Window, really cheap.

Plastic Window Avans: Lowest Price for standard windows. For those who want a good plastic window at a low price, but will buy Sweden’s largest producer and the security it entails.

PVC window Polaris: Sveriges selling pvc window. 10 year warranty on the frame, frame and glass, 30 years on white color.

Composite Window Premium: Our most isolated window. Most insulation for every penny.

Passive: Window for passive houses. For the latest construction techniques; Ultra insulation.

Norden: Outward opening pvc window, reversible window in pvc or cultural window.

Smaland: The traditional culture window Småland, for older houses. For those who want old-fashioned look but with good insulation.