Cleaning Stained Glass

Stained windows are beautiful windows with art painted on it in different colors. Stained glass windows can be simple or complicated. Stained glass is glasses that are used for decorative and ornamental purposes in windows. Stained glass windows are most popular in European Churches which were built during the medieval period. Stained glasses are at its best when light passes through these painted glasses.

It is for this very reason that stained glasses are used by individuals. Stained glasses require maintenance and proper care. If dust gathers on the windows with stained glasses than over the period of long time it may damage these glasses. Also washing or cleaning these windows with abrasive material will also damage these windows.

To clean stained glasses you’ll need, whiting it is not as harmful as ammonia and therefore is a great option to clean the stained glasses. One needs to be extra careful while cleaning the stained glasses. The cleaner should not contain vinegar or ammonia one should strictly follow this advice while selecting a cleaner for stained glasses. Next use a soft towel, or micro fiber cloth for cleaning, using very harsh material will definitely spoil the glass.

Cleaning a New Stained Glass

In case you are cleaning a new stained glass, which has only dry dust on it than it is very easy to clean it. All you have to do is clean the window with a soft cloth, and than using distilled water wipe the glass. In case you are cleaning a stained glass window that is old and requires deep cleaning than you’ll need a mild cleanser.

Start with applying the cleanser on the cloth and not on the stained glass directly. If you apply the cleanser directly on the glass than it may leave patches on the glass. So apply the cleanser on a wet cloth and rub the windows gently. Make sure to clean individual pieces of glasses and don’t start wiping every glass altogether.

Wiping & Cleaning Stained Glass

Also always start wiping from the top so that in case any dirt water drips at the lower side of the glass you can always clean it later. Stained glasses are really easy to clean if you follow the correct instructions. Once you clean one piece of glass completely; wipe it with a dry cloth and let it dry completely. Never rub the stained glass vigorously neither with a wet cloth nor with dry cloth.

These are some of the ways you can clean stained glasses. Follow them and also have someone to assist you when you are cleaning the glasses. And don’t let small children participate in the cleaning process.

Myths About Stained Glass

There is a huge myth around stained glasses and the cleaning process. Many people think that cleaning the stained glasses is very difficult and just leave it to gather dust and oxidize. Don’t let that happen to your beautiful stained glasses. Cleaning the stained glasses at regular interval is always a great option. It not only saves time and energy but eliminates the need to use any form of cleanser.

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