Aluminium windows

Aluminium Window Royal – a window in aluminium

aluminium window Royal from Kronfönster AB.
Royal is a window in aluminium that gives an elegant expression of the facade, clean straight lines and a very high finish. We recommend Royal to new house, upmarket houses, public spaces or environments with high wear. Here you can read about aluminium windows in general and have a closer look at Kronfönster’s products.
Aluminium windows

What is an aluminium window?

An aluminium window is a window where the window frame and sash is made entirely of aluminium. It may sound obvious, but in some window manufacturers is not the case. A little sloppy, the term aluminium windows often for wooden windows with aluminium cladding.
We also manufacture wooden windows with aluminium cladding with it is still wooden windows. With us, an aluminium window should simply live up to its name.
Still, aluminium windows are relatively rare in Sweden, but more and more are beginning to open their eyes to the material. The newly built house with modern design fits well with the often slender aluminium windows with razor-sharp lines, and since the requirement for maintenance is virtually non-existent, aluminium is a material that is becoming more and more popular.

Aluminium windows from Kronfönster. Available as wooden windows with aluminium cladding, the Titan, or entirely of aluminium, the Royal.

Aluminium windows from Kronfönster AB

We have made an update of the entire aluminium range with a series of improvements. The Royal aluminium window, our most popular product in this category, has been developed with a slimmer frame and sash for a maximum glass area and maximum natural light.
You can now also get your windows in any colour you want, and get it anodized, naturally anodised or polished for maximum finish. As the only window manufacturer, we can offer completely self-cleaning aluminium windows, with the “water-clean” system. All parts of the window – frame, sash and glass – are available as self-cleaning.
In addition, we always try to be responsive and to create windows that fit your house and your needs. With Kronfönster you are the designer. You have a unique opportunity to design your new windows exactly as you want them.
This, combined with a great price and quick delivery, has made us a popular supplier of aluminium windows in Sweden.
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Aluminium window Royal
Aluminium is a cold material, and therefore it often insulates less well than wooden windows with aluminium cladding (best insulated however are PVC windows). For this reason, the 100% aluminium window Royal has air chambers with thermal break, so their insulation is much better.
Looking for an exclusive window that can withstand heavy wear but still keeps energy costs low, then the Royal is perhaps the wisest choice. Royal is also available as a folding door, folding wall, folding window and sliding door for insulated conservatories.
Ask for a quote on the Royal aluminium door directly through our webshop, without any obligation, or just check out our prices quickly. You get prices, discount offers and specifications mailed directly to you. See prices of aluminium window Royal
Aluminium windows

Technical specifications for aluminium windows Royal

Profile drawing of aluminium window Royal
• Material: Lacquered aluminium
• Profile: 3 chambers, sash and frame
• Frame depth: 70 mm.
• Hanging: Side hung, inward opening, tilt-and-turn
• Colour: White is the default (RAL 9016), available in all RAL colours.
• U-value of the entire construction: double glazed 1.0 = 1.45 for the entire construction (Measured with DIN EN 10077 for windows openable 1500*1500 mm)
• U-value of the entire construction: triple glazed 0.6 = 1.1 for the entire construction (Measured with DIN EN 10077 for windows openable 1200*1480 mm)
Technical specifications for glass in the aluminium windows Royal.
• Model: Super-energy saving double insulating glazing. (Or optional triple insulating glazing 36 mm)
• Filling: Argon gas
• U-value: 1.0 or optional 0.6
• U-value of the entire construction: 1.45 W/m2 Or optional (1.1)
Detailed images of aluminium window Royal. Note that the window in the image is of anodized aluminium (silver colour), the standard colour is white. Click image to enlarge.

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Warranties on aluminium window Royal

Half Round aluminium windows
• 10 year paint warranty on white windows
• 5 year warranty against fading for painted windows.
• 10 year warranty against condensation between the panes of insulating glass.
• 10 year warranty on the windows’ ironwork, frame and sash.