10 ways to get your house ready for storms: Storms and bad weather can never be controlled however one can definitely be better prepared to face these storms. Last year in December 2016 it was “Storm Urd” that hit Sweden creating flooding and havoc and this year it is “storm Harvey” that has caused large scale damage in Houston.

The weather forecast of these storms usually spreads fear and panic among-st the residents of the area that has been alerted, and the government machineries are expected to take care of the prevention of damage in these circumstances however it should be noted that one can always be careful and make necessary preparations to avert the damage that the storms can cause to your house.

Here we are listing ten ways you can get your house ready for storms.

1) Start with preparing for the worst

Make sure that all your important documents are saved in a hard drive and placed in at a place where it is away from possible water logging. You can also save them online on cloud. Even if your house is not in high risk area get a flood insurance done. Stock essential supplies and also have an emergency disaster supply kit ready.

2) Identify the safest area in your home

Identify a safe place in your home where you and your family can stay when the storm hits.

3) Clean gutters and drainage

Clogged drainage will prevent the flood water from flowing away so one should clean the gutter and drainage beforehand.

4) Check for any possible cracks on roof

Any form of crack of breaking on the roofing of your house will bring the rains and strong winds your house. So check and seal these cracks properly, you can get help from professionals in case you need it.

5) Consider getting storm shutters installed in your house

If your house is located in an area where the probability of a storm to hit is high consider getting storm shutters installed beforehand.

6) Get the doors and windows checked

Check all the windows and doors in the house and get it properly oiled and change the paint if necessary. Make sure all windows and doors in the house are in its best condition and gliding smoothly.

7) Sump Pump

Get a sump pump if you don’t have one and in case you do have one check it and make sure it is working properly.

8) Cut or trim trees

Trees have high chances of being uprooted, so cut and trim the trees in your house and also get rid of all the leaves that can clog the drainage.

9) Outdoor furniture

In case you have outdoor furniture than move to some place safe and if that is not possible than cover it properly to avoid any damage to it.

10) Get a generator

The chances of a power cut during storm are very high, so consider getting a portable generator that can keep the lights and appliances working.

So these are the top ten things you can do to make your home safe from storms. The safety of your family and loved ones is non-negotiable and so it is always good to be prepared for the worst case scenarios and prevent any possible damage.

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