Windows from Kronfönster, we have windows for ALL tastes and houses!
We are a manufacturer of PVC windows, but are also known for our craft tradition of handmade wooden windows. Thanks to our huge variability Kronfönster is a popular choice for architects and project managers for new building projects – we can basically produce all types of windows. In addition, our low prices make Kronfönster an equally appreciated choice among homeowners.

Here we briefly go through our different window types. For more information on for instance wooden or PVC windows, click through to window types on the main page. There you get a deeper description of the manufacturing process, technical specifications, and the benefits of different materials.
We make energy saving window faster, better and cheaper.

Triple glazed windows or double glazed windows? Kronfönster produces only energy saving windows, so no matter which window you choose, you can be sure that it is quiet, safe and warm.

PVC windows

Kronfönster is Sweden’s largest manufacturer of maintenance free PVC windows. PVC windows are now an increasingly common alternative to wooden windows, and each year more and more people understand the great advantages of the material.

But why is Kronfönster’s PVC windows so popular and how did we become the largest producer? Here are some of the reasons why customers in Sweden decide to buy PVC windows from us.

• Warranties: We provide very generous warranties on our products because we know they are of very high quality. For example, you get a 30-year colour warranty on white PVC windows Polaris and Premium.

• Unique solutions: We have many solutions on our PVC windows that other manufacturers do not have. Integrated window sill tracks for easy mounting, extra insulated glass edges, reinforced burglary protection, and door brakes.

• Patented technology As the only window manufacturer of PVC windows, Kronfönster can offer you them with the possibility of frame screw mounting. We have our own patented technology that enables installation of PVC windows with frame screws.

• Slender design: Kronfönster is a very popular choice among architects and hence among construction companies. We have a design that strives for slender (thin) sashes, to enable maximum light transmission.

• Good insulation: The slim design of our PVC windows benefits the customer twice, as the insulation on our windows gets better the bigger or the more glass the window has.

• Good reviews: Satisfied customers lead to more satisfied customers Kronfönster is recommended by 97% of its customers.

• Success story: We are the winner of Dagens Industri Gazelle Competition three consecutive years, as one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies.

Furthermore, we know from experience that our windows are durable. In fact, Sweden’s oldest PVC windows are sitting in our head office in Växjö – 30 years old windows that look like new without any maintenance.

For more information, read about our PVC windows

Wooden windows or wood & aluminium

There is a difference between wooden windows and wooden windows. What material is being used, as well as the manufacturing technology being applied, both have a major impact on the final result: how long the window will hold, what its energy value is, and not in the least how neat it looks. At Kronfönster, we know the importance of not taking any shortcuts in any part of the manufacturing process, and therefore the result is perhaps one of Sweden’s best looking and most efficient wooden window. Let us mention some advantages of our wooden windows:

• Finger-jointed pine: We only use finger jointed pine – not solid pine that is cheaper but of lesser quality – which makes our windows clearly more rigid and durable. Moreover, they are made of a knag-free timber which also increases the quality.

• Frame depth: Our wooden windows have the strongest frame depth (114mm) as standard. It allows for a much better insulation and the torsional rigidity of the entire structure becomes optimal.

• Your needs determine: Of course we have the standard windows in modular dimensions – either modern windows, with swivel fittings, or as cultural windows with an old look – but you can also customize your wooden windows after your own taste. You can also get them in all colours, all shapes, all sizes and with all types of glass. It is you who decides what we make.

• Wooden windows with aluminium sides: If you want authentic wooden windows, but do not want to paint them, we offer wooden windows with aluminium sides. They are available as outward opening windows, turning windows or as doors, patio doors and double doors.

We manufacture wooden windows with a proud tradition of craftsmanship and for great prices. We have become known for our technology: serial production while maintaining the craftsmanship and the human feeling for materials, shape and finish. For more information about our manufacturing process, technical specifications and the types of window you can select, read more about our wooden windows.

Aluminium windows

The Royal is Kronfönster’s window system of 100% aluminium. It gives an elegant look to your façade, neat straight lines and a very high finish. For environments where the wear is high, for new houses with modern designs, and exclusive constructions, aluminium windows fir perfectly. Important to point out is that when we say aluminium windows, we mean it in its true sense. They are not, like what other manufacturers a bit sloppy may call aluminium windows, wooden windows with an aluminium finish. Here are some of the advantages of aluminium windows from Kronfönster:

• Maximum glass surface: We have developed a window with a slender, slim frame. This provides an upscale look, and maximizes the insulating properties. The larger the glass area, the better the insulation.

• Self-cleaning: As the only window manufacturer we can offer self-cleaning windows. Through our unique system “Water Clean”, you can get all parts of the window – frame, sashes and glass – that get clean by themselves.

• Good insulation: Traditionally, aluminium windows insulate less well than wooden and PVC windows. But because our aluminium windows have thermal break, the insulation is almost as good for our aluminium windows.

Want to know more about aluminium windows on stock, or take a closer look at our products, go to our page on aluminium windows.

To place the various products directly next to each other, and compare the hard technical facts. Look at the Window picker – a window on windows..

Windows in a free/unusual shape (special windows)

No window is too difficult for us. We can make everything, and we are proud that we can offer windows in free form – for real! Do you want a 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7- or 8-angular window? A Rhombus-flag window with different colours of hanging? Something completely different? As with all our windows, we can produce special windows in wood, PVC or aluminium. Please contact us with your requirements, how tricky they may be, and we’ll make sure you get your window just as you want it down to the millimetre. With Kronfönster you are the designer.
For more information, read about our special windows

Round and half-round windows

Semi-circular windows from Kronfönster

Kronfönster also manufactures round and half-round windows in wood, aluminium or PVC. All standard dimensions, with a diameter dimension of 58 cm, are stocked in PVC and wood. We can manufacture in all dimensions, with all sorts of mullions, colours and types of glass.

Of course you can order windows that are not in stock. You can design a window that suits your house – just the way you want it.
Learn more about our round and semi-circular windows.

Kronfönster also manufactures round and half-round windows in wood, aluminium or PVC. All standard dimensions, with a diameter dimension of 58 cm, are stocked in PVC and wood. We can manufacture in all dimensions, with all sorts of mullions, colours and types of glass.

Of course you can order windows that are not in stock. You can design a window that suits your house – just the way you want it.