PVC windows and doors have in the past few years, gained lot of popularity. PVC is also known as Vinyl; especially in European nations like Sweden, Norway and also in North America PVC is known as Vinyl.

Fire Resistant – PVC Windows and Doors

One reason PVC windows and doors are very popular and preferred is because it is fire resistance. The PVC plastic is not really dependent upon crude oil and is made up of up to 57% chlorine and 43 % carbon.  PVC windows and doors are made up of this aforementioned synthetic plastic. PVC windows and doors are very versatile. PVC windows and doors are made from Poly Vinyl chloride and is one of the most used thermoplastics in this century.

Advantage of PVC Windows and Doors

PVC windows and doors were first introduced in the early 1940’s in Europe and other nations and today it had become so popular that it has replaced the traditional wood and other materials for doors and windows. PVC is not just exclusively used in the housing and construction sector but in many other sectors as well, like health and packaging. Thus PVC is a plastic that is used for multiple purposes.

Life of a PVC Window or Door

It has a long life span and is very durable. PVC windows and doors are very easy to install, and has very low level of maintenance. Not only are these PVC windows and doors heat and fire resistance but also these windows and doors are also very strong and sturdy. PVC windows and doors are also very safe.

Noise Reducing PVC Window or Door

When appropriate glasses are fixed with the, PVC windows and doors these windows and doors are also noise reducing. The Windows and doors are the most important aspect of the house and the construction process.

The Windows and doors should be selected very carefully as it not only enhances the look of the house but also is very important from security point of view. Windows and doors previously were mostly made of either wood or steel or other metal.

Maintenance of PVC Windows & Doors

But all these materials require high level of maintenance and also have comparatively short life span than the PVC windows and doors. The wooden doors and windows are also not very conducive for humid climate or also for houses near coastal areas.

But on the contrary the high level chlorine in the PVC is very conducive for all types of weather from the hot and humid climate to very cold climate of nations like Sweden and other Nordic countries.

Installation of PVC Windows & Doors

PVC windows and doors are thus made from plastics which are also known as synthetic resins and are known as poly vinyl chloride. The PVC windows and doors are strong and sturdy. It is very easy to install and has low level of maintenance which makes it very cost effective.

PVC windows and doors are thus doors and windows which are made from a synthetic plastic and the PVC are the kind of plastic which requires very less crude oil or other non-renewable resources. PVC windows and doors also come many variations and options and there is a huge market for PVC windows and doors.

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