Patio is an outdoor area which can either have a roof or not. Patios are usually attached to the kitchen in the contemporary house. The door of patios is therefore wide and also in most cases the house owners goes for bi fold doors.

History and Benefits of Patio Doors

Patio originated in European countries in the 14th or 15th century and today has become an inevitable part of modern house. Patio is classier compared to the conventional porch. Patio is also large open areas, used to relax, unwind during holidays or weekends by families. It is a great space in the house for a get together.

There are a variety of options available in the market for buying patio doors. There are wooden, vinyl and fiberglass patio doors available in the market and that too in various different colors.

Difference Between Patio Doors and Sliding Doors

Patio doors are different from sliding doors because sliding doors glide while patio doors swing. Patio doors have at least one hinged panel and one fixed or hinged panel. Patio doors offered by manufacturers have a minimum 16-inch width and 60 inches’ height.

Patio doors needs to be replaced if leaks during heavy rainfall or allows chilly wind outside into the house during snowfall. Other problems that may occur are stickiness and fogginess. And in case you decide to replace your patio doors here is a quick guide to replace it.

How to Replace Your Patio Door?

– First and most importantly measure the rough opening that you get after you pry and trim the door frame. It is important to get accurate measurements of the doors both the height and width before ordering new doors.

– Next step is obviously removing the old door. Now it is very important to realize to remember that the patio doors are really heavy so proper care should be taken while removing the old doors.

– Applying leak proof flashing over the sill is the next step, follow the instructions and begin flashing at the bottom. Now it is time to install a new door. The manufacturers’ instruction is very handy and will help you to assemble the new door.

– Lay the door on a flat surface and begin with installing the stationery panel and then the slider. The door should be placed very carefully otherwise it will be very difficult to later slide it easily.

Next tip the stationery panel and then the slider. The gap between the top and bottom should be same. After this rest the sliding panels wheels and finish installing the door by sliding the door for about ¼ inch and checking for any gap in the top or bottom. Lastly install the lock and handle hardware.

These some of the tips for replacing a patio door; in case you are not very confident about the complete process it is advised that you take expert assistance.

And the most crucial tip to keep in mind while replacing the door is to have at least one person with you to assist you. The patio doors as mentioned earlier are very heavy so it will very inconvenient if you try to remove it all by yourself.

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