How To Repair Wood Windows – Wooden windows and doors are the classic choice for any house owner. Wooden windows add a natural beauty to the overall look of the house. It is a traditional choice and has been in use since ages.

From the earliest time period wood has been used in construction because it is so easily available and also because it is strong and durable. Of course wooden windows need maintenance from time to time but it is totally worth it.

Wood Windows & Doors

Over the period of years, the types of windows made out of wood has evolved with the requirement and need of the society and so has the various different ways to protect, clean and repair these wooden beauties. Wooden windows are made up of different types of wood like teak, sweet chestnut, oak and red cedar. There are many varieties of wood used in making windows and doors both in hardwood and softwood.

Not only are wooden windows available in different types of wood but also in a variety of styles and colors. Wooden windows are getting a tough competition from the modern day invention of plastic windows because of various reasons but still the traditional wooden material is very much preferred by many.

Wood Window Repair

Let’s take a look at how we can repair our wooden windows in case it is damaged or rotten due to any possible reason. Start with applying the per-treat to wood.

– Apply oil on parts of the windows that you won’t be applying the pre-treat. The only precaution to be taken while applying the pre-treatment is that you should not apply it side and top edges of the sashes.

– Next let it dry out completely. This is crucial because proceeding before it dries out may hamper the overall look of the final result. Once the pre-treatment is dried completely sand off any whiskers and nibs until you attain a smooth surface, and if the sanding process removes any of the primer re-apply it to that area.

Apply Filler

– Apply filler using a putty knife to press the filler firmly into place. To prepare the putty warm it in your hands and use your fingers to start with and once you arrange everything in place let it dry and set for at least 24 hours. But before that polish and clean the window panes with whiting and also dust off the surface of the putty you just applied.

Clean Everything

– That’s it once you clean everything and let it dry you are now ready for the final step that is to paint the window. While selecting paint for your window made up of wood make sure that you are selecting the right paint.

– There are various types of paint available in the market that is best suitable for the external harsh weather. So go for a paint that is best suitable to the weather where you are living.

Apply the first coat of the paint and let it dry for three to four hours and then apply the next coat and let it dry completely. Of course make sure you have a partner or friend to assist you when you are repairing the wooden windows.

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