Window doors Polaris

Our best-selling window doors of PVC

Polaris – a real bestseller

Kronfönster Polaris has all you want: quality, value and the security of knowing that thousands of people before you have chosen the same and have been happy with the door.
If you buy the Kronfönster Polaris, you know that you are getting a modern window door with very good insulation and all those extra features that other sellers may not offer. A groove for the windowsill is standard included, along with Kronufix, an insulation package and burglary protection. The Polaris is and remains the class leader – year after year.
Why choose a window door from Kronfönster?

We are one of Sweden’s largest producer of maintenance-free windows and doors. To date we have over 50 000 satisfied customers ranging from individuals to large construction companies that installed our products in major construction projects. We put a lot of focus on constantly keeping customer satisfaction at its peak.
In addition to a variety of satisfied customers who installed the door in their houses, the Polaris is installed in the “Angry Carpenter” on Channel 5 and Bugglov on TV4.
What makes the Polaris a unique window door?

The Kronfönster’s Polaris has double sealing strips and argon filled double glazing (U-1.0). The door has the same excellent maintenance free characteristics that Kronfönster offers throughout our products, and the Polaris profile of 80 mm provides stability and torsional rigidity that leaves nothing to be desired. In addition, the doors are well-protected against burglary, which has become Kronfönster’s hallmark.

Select the height of the panels or fully glazed

At Kronfönster you are the designer of your new window doors. You get them just the way you want them. Whether you want a fully glazed door or with panels, you get it delivered, and you can decide the height of the parapet. You can get the door as both inward and outward opening.
If you add up what you get compared to what you pay, it’s probably one of our best PVC doors.

Some details that allow the door to stand out in the market:
• 30-year colour guarantee
• Frazed grooves for the windowsills
• Insulating package (10% better insulation and less condensation)
• Built-in window brake
• You decide the glazing
• Good burglary protection
• Kronufix for easy mounting
Polaris now with Gazelle Campaign: Upgrade to triple glazed (U-0.6) for less than half the price!
A door with a positive energy value
Another major advantage of the Polaris is the positive energy value. If you select a triple glazed door, then it lets in more energy over a year, by sunlight, than it is leaking energy through heat loss. In other words, you could say you install a door that generates heat.
Performance and quality are the hallmarks of Kronfönster, that’s how we became one of the largest manufacturer of PVC windows. The same characteristics apply to our best-selling glazed door, Polaris.

Technical specifications for the Polaris window door

Installed: Maintenance-free window made of PVC plastic with a steel reinforced centre chamber.
Materials: PVC, steel.
Insulating chambers: 6 st
Frame depth: 80 mm
Hung: Side hung, inward or outward opening.
Colour: White. You can get your window painted in another RAL-colour of your choice for an extra surcharge.
U-value of the entire construction (double-glazed): 1,0 = 1,1 (Measured with DIN EN 10077 for windows openable 1500*1500mm)
U-value of the entire construction (triple-glazed): 0,6 = 0,85 (Measured with DIN EN 10077 for windows openable 1500*1500mm)
Technical specifications for the glass in Polaris
Glass type: Low-emission glass, energy saving glass
Glass cassette: 24 mm (4/16/4), or 4/12/4/12/4 with triple glazing
Filling glass cassette: Argon gas
U-value of the glass: 1,0 (double glazed) or 0,6 (triple glazed)

Guarantees for window door Polaris

• 30 year warranty against fading for white Polaris PVC windows.
• 10 year warranty against fading for Acrylic colours.
• 5 year warranty against fading for painted windows.
• 10 year guarantee against condensation between the panes of insulating glass.
• 10 year warranty on the windows’ ironwork, frame and sash.
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