Security of the house largely depends upon the door. The material with which the doors are made and the lock system of the door play a very important in maintaining the security of the door.

Thefts have become a regular occurrence with growing unemployment and poverty. Here we take a look at the top five tips for door security. The doors and windows eventually not only add to the beauty of your house but also prevents break in.

Select The Right Door

Selecting the right door for the front and back door is a prerequisite. Make sure that your front and back doors are not hollow; it should be solid. The doors of the house should be always solid. Some of the options available for solid doors are solid wood, fibre glass and metal doors that are reinforced in the inside.

Right Lock System For Your Door

This one is pretty obvious but nevertheless very important. Selecting the right lock system for your door is the most important step towards the security of your house. There are many advanced locking systems available today in market. The best lock system is automatic lock system. Electronic lock systems are also a great option.

Don`t Ignore Door Frames

The frame of the door should also very sturdy. The door frame is something most people ignore as they pay all their attention to the main door and the lock of the door. However, one should never ignore the frame of the door and the material with which it is made. If the frame of the door is weak chances of breaking in are very high. Thus make sure that you get your door frame right.

Install Dead Bolt Locks

Installing dead bolts which is at least one inch thick is a very important. Dead bolts improve the security of the door. While installing dead bolts one should make sure, that there is minimal space between the frame and door.

Use Interior Hinges

Make sure that your door has interior hinges as any intruder can very easily remove the hinges if it is placed outside. It is very easy to replace the hinges and change it.

Door Security Tips

These are the top five door security tips that one should keep in mind. While it is important to take necessary steps for the security make sure you don’t overdo it. Installing very complicated lock systems may cause problems in case some emergencies arise. After taking all these appropriate steps if you still feel unsure go ahead install an alarm.

The security of the house also depends a lot on the installation and quality of windows. The windows should be made of solid material and also get iron grill installed in case you live in an area which is secluded and away from the city. If you are traveling to some distant place for a while make sure to leave some lights on which will give the impression that the house is not empty.

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