Sliding doors are used mainly for patios and for kitchen gardens. Sliding door is a great way to bring the outside of the house and nature into the house. It is also used for closets as minimum space is required for the sliding doors.

Benefits of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are also used for partitioning room into multiple rooms. There are many uses to the sliding doors, and these types of doors are used for both domestic and commercial buildings.

History of Sliding Doors

Sliding door has been in use since medieval times, back than sliding doors were made up of stones. Today the sliding doors are available in various different types of materials from wood to PVC.

There are two types of sliding doors…

  1. Manual Sliding Doors
  2. Automatic Sliding Doors

Mostly sliding doors are made used for patios, porch and kitchen gardens and have glass panels and therefore require blinds. It is very important to have blinds for sliding doors made up of glass panels because the binds at times when the sun is too harsh or the weather outside is too cold blinds limits the leakage of temperature.

Tips to Fix the Sliding Door Blinds

Here are a few useful tips to fix the sliding door blinds…

– First of all, check if the blinds need to fixed or replaces altogether; because if the blinds are not going to last you long than there is no point in wasting your time, energy and money in fixing these blinds.

– However, if the sliding door blinds are fine and just need some fixing than continue reading these are some of the tips for the same. If you have vertical blinds for your sliding doors than to fix it is really easy.

– The famous paper clip trick really is very useful. Often there is a piece of plastic that snaps and instead of replacing the complete blinds all you have to do is place a paper clip to the gap and you are done.

– The sliding door blinds are used to include some privacy in the setting because of the glass panels used in these types of doors. When the blinds are installed to these doors it allows you to pull the blinds at night and open it during the day let sunlight into the home.

– Usually if you are experiencing an issue in opening the blinds than there are chances of the cord getting tangled in that case to fix it all you have to do is remove the cord and DE-tangle the cords; stretching the cord and straighten it, this will make it move smoothly again.

If the problem still exists than restring the blinds. For this get a new cord and start to restring the blinds. You can also try using glue to stick the parts that have broken.

These are some of the ways you can fix the sliding door blinds. It is easier to get new blinds, but if you are on a budget and are looking for ways to fix your blinds than these are some of the tips and tricks. It is advisable to have someone to assist you while you are removing the cord of the blinds to either DE-tangle or to tie two broken parts together.

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