Patio door Titan

A patio door of wood, with or without aluminium exterior

Titan – in all dimensions and with all types of glass, panels and mullions

With Kronfönster Titan you find genuine craftsmanship and high quality. We manufacture patio doors in large series but also provide solutions that are unique and tailor-made, where you can design your door entirely regarding your own taste and demands. Whichever you choose, you get a quality door that will last.

Patio doors

A major reason for great durability is that we use finger jointed pine to avoid curvatures in the wood. All doors are completely free from bulges.
At Kronfönster building doors means true craftsmanship. We have retained the genuine feeling and the human eye is always watching over production to ensure quality. We live by the motto that it is people who make patio doors, not machines!

A wooden door, what is it really?

A patio door made of wood, of course. But the technology to manufacture doors differs greatly between different producers. The largest door manufacturers on the market produce their patio doors in large-scale production lines, where everything goes automatically and by large machines. A large part of the craft thereby gets lost.
In addition, often the cheapest type of wood is used, solid wood – pieces of wood sawn lengthwise in whole pieces. Patio door Titan is developed after our wooden windows
What is the disadvantage of solid wood?
There are several problems when you make patio doors out of solid wood. Firstly, it means you get bulges and knots. These are of course painted over, but they are there underneath the paint and will burst up eventually.

Patio doors in wood, with or without aluminium exterior

The next problem is torsional stiffness. Remember that wood is a living material that moves. The material changes due to heat and cold, moisture and drought; it moves and changes size and shape. We then say the wood is “settling”. If you make doors out of solid wood in large pieces, the risk is imminent that they settle with time. The doors will then hang and become leaky.
Additionally the core wood, the middle piece of the tree, is rarely used. Instead, often the worst wood is placed on the outside and covered with aluminium. It is not visible, but it’s there.
We have banished solid wood from our production. Instead, we only use finger jointed pine, saw away all knots, bulges and poor parts in the wood, and then splice and layer glued wood for the entire length. You get rid of bulges that become yellow and start shines through after a few years, and you have a high torsional stiffness in your new doors.
That is why our wooden doors are of a better quality than those of the mass producers.

Why a patio door from Kronfönster?

At Kronfönster we try to get the best result from an amazing and beautiful material like wood. We want to exploit its full potential and simply make better and more beautiful doors.

Window doors produced with true craftsmanship.

Obviously we use new modern CNC machines in the production, but we also put in a great part of human craftsmanship. We have great window carpenters working with us who build the patio doors.
Patio doors are – and should be – custom-made, we think, and therefore we cannot use solid wood with knots, or fully automatic lines without human touch and feel.

Patio door Titan

Kronfönster Titan is stocked fully glazed in standard sizes. But you can order them in customized measures to the millimetre at no extra cost. You can also order them with any architraves, panels, mullions, different glass types and more. Do you want to buy custom-made, customized patio doors, then we know that our offer is hard to beat.
Titan is offered standard in triple glazed and with double super energy saving glass (U-0.7). Our patio doors also have a stronger frame depth (114 mm) than most competitors. This enables our patio doors to be insulated better, and to have a greater torsional stiffness of their entire structure.
You can get the patio door Titan in all colours (white is default). You can even get them with grains or stained. The aluminium exterior is optional for both the windows and the doors.
You can order your patio door completely customized for your house, with precise measurements down to the millimetre. We always have doors in stock, for immediate delivery. Go to our webshop to order, or to build your own patio door to your measurements.

NEW:  Titan Light, double-glazed patio door

We have just launched a low-priced door, the Titan Light, double glazed and in any dimensions. As with all other doors from Kronfönster, super-energy saving glass filled with argon gas (U value 1.0) is included in the insulation package of the glass.
The Titan Light can be made in larger dimensions than the traditional Titan, which is an advantage. Visit our webshop to see our prices and to find more information.
Detailed pictures of the patio door Titan. Note, this door is fitted with genuine mullions, both on the inside and the outside, as well as architraves and door panels. The standard Titan is a fully glazed patio door. Talk to your Kronfönster salesman if you are unsure about how your door should look. Click image to enlarge.
Technical specifications for Titan
Materials: finger-jointed, painted, knot-free pine
Frame depth: 114 mm (99 or 84 mm optional)
Fittings/suspension: Side-hung outward opening as standard, inward opening optional
Colour: White (NCS S 0502-Y), otherwise NCS- or RAL-colours optional.
U-value of the entire construction: 1,2
Other options: Aluminium Exterior, free form, bi-coloured doors, other types of glass (sun protection, intrusion protection, noise protection, etc.). Ask for separate price.

Technical drawing of the Kronfönster Titan patio door
Technical specifications for glass of the Titan
Model: Super energy saving, triple glazed of which double energy saving glass
Cassette Depth: 36 mm
Construction: 4-12-4-12-4 mm (low emission argon standard argon low emission)
Cassette filling: Argon
U-value glass: 0,7
Warranty on the patio door Titan
• 10 year warranty against rot in the wood. This warranty does not apply to the finish
• 10 year guarantee against condensation and dust between the panes.
• 10 year warranty on fittings and hinges.
Request a quote for a Titan patio door in our webshop, or compare prices. You receive prices, any discount offers, and specifications mailed directly to you. Simple and fast.
Price for stocked standard width Titan patio door
Prices of custom made Titan patio doors according to your measurements and desires