Folding doors Prince in PVC

Folding door Prince in PVC, here with mullions that are optional.

Folding door Prince: Sweden’s most flexible folding door from Sweden’s largest manufacturer of windows and doors of PVC, Kronfönster AB
Why not open up the whole wall? Let in the light, but keep out the cold. Kronfönster Prince is a folding door that is fully insulated, where you get lots of natural light, and where during the summer months the line between inside and outside blurs completely. Fold up the entire wall and meet your garden. The Prince gives you many new feelings and sensations.

A folding door or folding wall that needs as little maintenance as possible

Kronfönster has all kinds of windows and doors, but our maintenance free products are the most sold. Why? The answer is simple: Who wants sand, kit and paint windows during their vacation?
The only thing you need to do with folding door Prince, is to wipe your windows sometimes with a wet cloth, with oil once a year and if you want them gleaming, you can even wax them every 5 years. Use your precious time for something other than painting and kitting your doors.
Kronfönster folding wall of folding doors Prince is made of a reinforced composite. This means plastic with a steel core inside.

What is a folding door?

A folding door consists of multiple interconnected doors, of which you can open up one or more so you get an opening which in principle is as great as the folding door’s frame. The doors are pushed together like an accordion. You choose if you want the door package to be folded to the right or left. Outward opening or inward into the room.
Which customers choose Folding door Prince?

Kronfönster is the largest manufacturer of PVC folding doors. Folding doors are exclusive, and cost more than sliding doors, but if you want to open up the whole wall to have the feeling of joining with nature, well then the Prince door is the one you should choose. The Kronfönster Prince is also one of the few, or perhaps even the only folding door on the Swedish market, where you get ALL choices.

You can choose Prince inward opened (default) or as outward opening, you can choose to get it as right or left opening. You can choose to have all the doors to be opened in one direction or get a patio door in the folding door, and that the remaining doors open in the other direction. This is a popular option, especially for those customers who want a glazed wall where one door serves as a patio door, which can be useful during the winter, when you do not want to open up the entire wall because of the cold.
The Kronfönster Prince, for when you want to meet your garden in a new way.

Folding door Prince, a folding wall that is fully insulated for winter use, available as inward and outward opening, and available in all colours and sizes.
Moreover, you can get your folding door in all colours, with all types of all glass, and in all dimensions. In short, at Kronfönster it is you who is the designer and we produce your door exactly as you want it. Folding door Prince is appreciated by architects, because we can customise it and produce it in an infinite number of variations, as well as by homeowners who want something that impresses their neighbour.

Technical specifications for Folding door Prince PVC

Structure: PVC with a centre chamber of steel.
Frame depth: 70 mm
Opening mechanics: accordion, all the doors in the same direction or as a walking / patio door and the remaining folding doors opened in the other direction.
Ironwork: Sliding
Colour White as standard, colours optional.
U-value of the entire structure of the sliding doors: 1.4
The glass in the folding door Prince.
 Model: Super-energy saving glass.
Cassette depth: 24 mm for double glazed
Construction: 4/16/4 mm,
Filling: Argon gas
U-value glass: 1.0 (double glazed)

Warranties on folding door Prince

• 30 year warranty against fading for white Prince folding doors.
• 10 year warranty against fading for Acrylic colours.
• 5 year warranty against fading for lacquered doors.
• 10 year warranty against condensation between the panes of insulating glass.
• 10 year warranty on the windows’ ironwork, frame and sash.
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