Double doors

Double doors from Kronfönster, of wood, aluminium or PVC.

Double doors of wood, PVC or aluminium. Kronfönster manufactures all of them!

Double doors Titan in wood. A beautiful solid wooden door, with dual super-energy saving glass. We keep double doors in standard dimensions in stock for immediate delivery.
Double doors from Kronfönster. Maintenance-free glazed double doors in PVC, wood, wood with aluminium cladding, or entirely of aluminium. Double doors from Kronfönster are available in all colours and shapes. Double or triple glazed.

We manufacture double doors that are fully glazed or with parapet, with or without mullions, and with all types of glass. Kronfönster stocks double doors, fully glazed in standard sizes, but you can also choose to customize your double door down to the millimetre at no extra cost. For prices of our stocked double doors click here Read more below about our tailor-made double doors, designed for you and your house.

With Kronfönster you are the designer, and you decide all by yourself how your new windows doors will look! Below you can see our different styles of double doors and glazed double doors.
Double doors from Kronfönster, a good alternative!

Assemble your PVC Double doors with Frame screws.

Installing your PVC doors with sealing foam? No, forget sticky and swelling sealing foam. Now you can buy doors with Kronfönsters patented technology, the only door manufacturers that offers PVC doors, which you can assemble with frame screws. Our double doors Avans, Premium and Passivhus are available, prepared for frame screw mounting.

Double doors of PVC

Budget: Our 2nd sorting door The absolute lowest price, for those who can put up with just the second sorting. Available only in PVC as an inward opening door. Our cheapest double door. Read more about our cheap Budget door.

Avans: Low price, but with good quality. Our cheapest standard double doors. If you are looking for double doors at a good price, with good insulating properties, and that are also maintenance free, then the Avans is a door you might give some thought. Double doors Avans are made of PVC, with steel reinforced frames and sashes. The Avans is a double door that combines cheap with meaningful. Read more about double door Avans here.

Polaris: Our most sold double door in PVC, Kronfönster Polaris has dual sealing strips, 2 argon-filled glass pieces of U-1.0. It furthermore has the same maintenance free characteristics as all of Kronfönsters PVC doors and windows. Double door Polaris has a 80 mm profile, which gives more stability and torsional rigidity than usual. Read more about double door Polaris here.

Premium: Our best-insulated double doors. Premium double doors have a 90mm frame, and are available as both outwards and inwards opening. Argon-filled triple glazed U-0.5 is standard. A door with “extra of everything as default”. Click here to read more about double door glass Premium..

Norden: maintenance free double door, modern but with an old-fashioned look With Norden you can get a vintage look, with side-hung double doors for your house, with the a very good insulation. And you never have to think about painting them; simply a very sensible choice. Click here to read more about cultural double doors Norden.

Double doors Titan with aluminium cladding

Double doors of wood

Titan: A traditional glazed double door / Double door with very good insulation properties Double doors with all options to choose from. Fully glazed, or with a parapet at any height you want. Colours other than white, perhaps? You decide how your new double door will look. White fully glazed double doors with triple-glazed insulation (U-0.7) are standard. Click here to read more about double door glass Titan..
Detailed pictures of double door Titan, in wood or with aluminium cladding. The door on the image is fully glazed, which is standard with Kronfönster. Mullions, and colours other than white are optional. Take a look in our webshop, or talk to your Kronfönster seller for more information. Click image to enlarge.

Double doors in aluminium

Royal: Glazed double doors in aluminium Our aluminium doors give a special feeling. The Royal is entirely made of aluminium and is built to withstand wear and tear for many years. It gives an elegant look to your façade, neat straight lines and a very high finish. We recommend the Royal doors for modern houses and public buildings. Click here to read more about aluminium double door Royal..
Do you have difficulty knowing which door to choose? Read more in the technical specifications of double doors.