Doors from Kronfönster, design your own door!

Kronfönster manufactures doors of wood, wood and aluminum and PVC. Kronfönster is also Sweden’s largest manufacturer of doors in pvc. We can produce all sizes, all designs, all colors, all types of glass. No door is too difficult for us. At Kronfönster you yourself designing your new door, or you can choose a door from our standard range. The range includes terassedør, dobbeldør, sliding and folding door. Kronfönster is a popular choice among doors for architects, because of our enormous breadth of our product range. But we are equally popular with homeowners for our price, since we can produce cheap doors. Learn more about our doors below.

Patio doors

Kronfönster produces terrace doors in all materials; wood, wood and aluminum, as well as PVC. We can make all sizes, all colors, all rungs, all glass, all shapes and sizes. We always make doors in standard sizes, cheap doors in the standard version, but with Kronfönster can also order by objectives and design your terassedør exactly as you want it, to suit your taste and your house.

Double Doors

Kronfönster produces double doors and double doors in wood, wood with aluminum cladding, completely in aluminum and PVC. Kronfönster is Sweden’s largest manufacturer of doors and windows in pvc. We can produce all dimensions, all colors, all kinds of rungs, with all types of glass. We always double doors, white standard size, as well as cheap double doors in stock for immediate delivery. At Kronfönster it is you who decides whether you will be your own designer and tailor your double doors exactly as you want it. We can in principle produce all double doors.

Sliding doors

A very great product from Kronfönster isolated sliding doors. All our sliding doors are fully insulated and are intended for use on house facades or insulated conservatories. We produce two techniques, lift and slide and tilt and slide. Lift and slide the more exclusive sliding doors and they exist as King (pvc), Monarch (wood), Queen (aluminum). Tilt and slide the little easier and cheaper sliding doors, but they are equally well insulated. Tilt and slide are as Princess (pvc) and Budget (pvc). Kronfönsters sliding doors have no standard dimensions. Your dimensions are our standard. We produce them to the millimeter, exactly as you want them, at no extra cost. Standard color is white, but we can produce sliding doors in all colors, with or without mullions, window sills, various glasses, and more.


Kronfönster produces folding doors as standard in wood, pvc and on request also in aluminum. Even Kronfönsters folding doors have a large range of variation. We have no standard sizes of folding doors, we manufactures them according to your measurements by millimeter, at no extra cost. White is the default, but you can get your folding in all colors, with or without mullions, with different glass and more.