Window handles

Kronfönster offers a wide selection of fittings, handles, locks and accessories for windows and patio doors.

Kronfönster delivers all the windows with powerful easy-grip handle made of aluminium. The standard colour is silver.

You can also get optional:

• Lockable handles for windows or doors.

• Double locks, (with knob or key on the inside). Insurance Accepted. For doors


Inward opening windows can be equipped with a tilt-and-turn system, which allows the window to be opened both horizontally and vertically. Because the window is both side and bottom hung they have more opening option, than outward opening windows. By turning the handle of the window to a 90º position, the sash is released sash and the window opens. The ventilation position is activated by turning the handle 180º, creating a gap of about 10 centimetres at the top side of the window. By turning the handle to a position between the opening position and ventilation position, a fine chink of a few millimetres opens up between the window’s sash and frame, to create a mild airflow.

Accessories for patio doors

• Cylinder lock for sliding doors/folding doors, and a handle on both the outside and inside.
• Aluminium threshold for sliding doors/folding doors (standard on Elegance).
• Door brake / Doorstop. (Standard, at no additional cost, for all our handle controlled patio doors)
• Approved child lock.