Windows and doors of Sweden's largest manufacturer of maintenance-free windows, Kronfönster AB. Welcome to one of Sweden's fastest growing companies, Kronfönster AB. We are the window manufacturer to the last seven years has grown by an average of 50 % per annum. Over 50 000 customers give you the security you need when buying windows and doors. We produce PVC windows , wooden windows and aluminum windows, doors, sliding doors and folding doors . We have our own production of windows, doors, folding doors , sliding doors. You buy directly from the window manufacturer and we deliver to your home. This way you can cut 30% on the price. All our windows, doors and sliding doors are modern energy window with two glasses, 3 glasses or 4 glasses . All windows and doors are fully insulated and saves you money, reduces noise level and select maintenance free window so you do not have to paint too. Factory sales of windows , welcome to Kronfönster!

Kronfönster is one of the few full line manufacturer on the market. We produce PVC windows , wooden windows and aluminum windows, doors, sliding doors , sliding doors and folding portions parties. Culture Window , combined windows 2 + 1, 3 glass windows, 2 glass windows, outward, inward, fast, turn windows , double doors , window doors. Our large selection and variety is equally appreciated by architects in homeowners who want something extra. Obviously Kronfönster usual standard white windows. We also stock windows and doors for immediate delivery. The main thing we think is that we should not limit what you can get through our production, but it is you the customer to decide what you want. In Kronfönster it is you who is the designer and we produce according to your wishes . And we do it faster, better and cheaper. Check out for yourself in our online store , where you will see prices , you can get offers or to place an order , around the clock. Prices, offers or orders for windows, doors and conservatories here.

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